How to block a site in Mozilla Firefox?

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Mozilla Firefox is considered to be one of the most popular and commonly used web browsers. The Mozilla Firefox web browser comes with a lot of user friendly features such as add-ons. Add-ons are specifically designed for the users to add new functions with ease. The functions that can be included involve blocking access of specific sites as well as downloading You Tube videos.


Now let’s take a close look at the procedure to block sites in Mozilla Firefox Browser.Mainly three methods to block a website and they are:

  • BlockSite.

  • Edit Hosts File.

  • LeechBlock.



BlockSite is regarded as one of the most popularly used add-ons technique in order to block a site in Mozilla Firefox web browser. The steps are so simple.


  • Open a new Firefox web browser page.

  • Select the Tools option.

  • Then you will have to select the “Add-ons” tab.

  • Or else you can also click CTRL+A on the keyboard.

  • In the right corner of the screen you can see a search bar where users will have to type BlockSite.

  • Then you will have to click Enter.

  • Finally click Install button that is present on the screen.

  • Once installation gets completed, restart the Firefox.


How to block a site in Mozilla Firefox?


Now don’t think that it’s such a difficult process or navigations. It is the simplest possible way to block a site.

  • After installation, users will have to again go to the Tools Tab and again have to click Add-ons.

  • On the left side of the corner, users can see an Extensions button and finally choose the Options menu that is present under the Block Site’s entry.

  • Check mark the Enable Authentication Box.

  • Type the password.

  • Press the ADD button.

  • The website address that you wish to block has to be typed in the box.

  • If the user wishes to block all the sites that appear on that particular domain, wildcard character will have to be used.


Another commonly used method includes the use ofLeechBlock. This procedure is also quite simple with a few steps that the users will have to follow.

  • After opening the browser, type CTRL+A in order to open the Firefox Add-ons menu.

  • In the search bar, type LeechBlock.

  • Install the add-ons.

  • Now restart the Firefox.



  • Then click tools> LeechBlock >options.

  • Now the users can enter the site that you all wish to block in Block1.

  • Then click next.

  • Enter the specified date and time when the users wish to block the sites.

  • Select the General tab and finally select OK.

  • Go to LeechBlock again.

  • Click Lockdown.

  • Then Click OK.






There is one more common method that is used in order to block a site and that is ‘Editing the Hosts File’. The steps are:

  • Select Start.

  • Type Notepad in the search bar.

  • Run as Administrator has to be chosen by right clicking notepad.

  • The file C:\\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts has to be opened. (wherever the system 32 folder is located)

  • Users will have to enter http://www.(Website URL).

  • Press ‘Enter’ in order to break the line.

  • Save the following file.

  • Finally Exit.


These are the common methods by which the users can easily block a site in Mozilla Firefox.

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