How to create custom page on Tumblr?

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Tumblr is also one of the reputed social networking websites that will allow users to post their videos or images or posts on to the Tumblelog. Tumblelog is nothing but a short-form blog. Users even have the ability to follow other users and reblogging their posts if required. Tumblr is considered to be one of the user friendly applications as far as social networking are concerned.


How to create custom page on Tumblr?


Below mentioned steps include the ways in which users can customize their page in Tumblr.

  • Users will have to create their own Tumblr account if they don’t have one yet

  • This is done by navigating towards Tumblr website

  • Log in and create an account

  • Users will be provided with a link that they can see at the top right of the users page right under the title of the Tumblr

  • Click on the ‘Customize Appearance’ button in the menu that is located at the right of the Tumblr page

  • Select ‘Pages’ from the top of the users page

  • Click on ‘Add a page’ from the menu

  • Now the users will have to enter the URL that other users will have to type in the address bar to access the users page

  • Users will then have to choose the type of Layout that they wish to have from a list of three options that are provided

  • The three layouts that are provided includes;

    • Standard Layout

    • Custom and

    • Redirect


Standard Layout

  • Go to ‘Page Type’ option

  • Select ‘Standard Layout’

  • Users will then have to specify the Page Title

  • Users now will have to write the content of their custom page


Custom Layout



  • Go to Page Type

  • Select ‘Custom Layout’ from the drop-down box

  • Users will have to enter the coding in the HTML format in the ‘Custom HTML’ option



  • Go to Page Type

  • From the drop-down menu, select ‘Redirect’

  • In the box corresponding to ‘Redirect to’, enter the website address


Finishing Touch for all the Layouts

  • Navigate towards the pop up that is present at the bottom

  • Select ‘Show a link to this page’

  • Check the box that denotes ‘Show a link to this page’

  • Select the ‘Create Page’ which will be represented by a green button at the bottom of the pop up box



  • Finally users will have to click ‘Save’ or ‘Save + Close’ to save the changes made by the user


This is how users can create custom pages on Tumblr.

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