How to insert images in text posts on Tumblr?

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Tumblr mainly provides the users with multiple ways of getting images as well as photos in the user’s text posts. By making use of Tumblr, users can always modify the images as well as adjust the size of the photo thereby displaying the image in a suitable way in the user’s Tumblr dashboard.

How to insert images in text posts on Tumblr?

Tumblr is considered to be one of the popular microblogging platform and a social networking website also. By making use of this service, users are able to post content to a Blog titled as a ‘Tumblelog’. Users are able to access most of the features of the website from the ‘dashboard’ interface itself.

Users will have to follow the below mentioned steps for uploading the photos to the Tumblr text posts.

  • Users will click on the gear icon that represents Settings

  • Then the users are advised to select the option that denotes ‘Customize your Blog’

  • Now from the range of options provided, users will have to choose the option that denotes ‘Advanced’

  • Then the users will have to enable the option that denotes ‘Enable High-Res Photos’ option

  • It has to be noted that the post allows the users to enlarge the image only till the width of the Tumblr post

  • Or else this will eventually result in the breakdown of the theme

  • Now the users can see that whenever the users upload an image in a Tumblr post, the image will be automatically resized as per the post width

  • Users can also get the image posted on some other location in case the user wishes to display original size

  • Several websites are available to do this procedure

  • Image shack is one of the most commonly used website for this

  • Photo Post can be used to keep hold of the actual size of the image in Tumblr

  • Now the users can see that they can get the images placed on Tumblr

  • The images will be also placed on the website that hosts

  • Thus it will help the users to have their images inserted in the Tumblr Text Post as well as other sites in its original display size

This is how users can make use of photos in Text Posts on Tumblr.

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