How to Integrate Facebook Messenger Directly into Firefox 17?

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How to Integrate Facebook Messenger Directly into Firefox 17?

Facebook can prove to be a huge distraction and also prevent you from getting all that important work done and out of the way. Firefox"s latest update has come up with a perfect way for solving this problem. Firefox"s update 17.0 has brought in a built in integration with Facebook Messenger. Integrating Facebook features into the browser would help surf the net faster and also much more efficiently without the need to get into Facebook in between.

The maximum time spend on Facebook is to read others" statuses and not on checking notifications. When notifications are embedded in Firefox, you do not have to go through Facebook"s busy interface. On the top right side of Firefox, there is a simple toolbar which regularly updates with notifications, requests and messages from Facebook.

In a few simple steps Facebook integration can be made active on Firefox 17.0:

Step 1: First, you have to go to the URL bar and then type 'about:confi".

Step 2: A warning comes up following this indicating voided warranty. Just click on 'I"ll be careful, I promise". This is totally safe. Pressing this will lead you to another page with a Search bar.

Step 3:You have to type 'social" in the Search bar. You can then view a setting displayed which is titled 'social.enabled".

Step 4: On double-clicking this setting, its value will turn from false to true.

Step 5: These steps will automatically set up the Facebook toolbar on the top right side. You can type in the necessary log-in information and you are ready to go.

No other browser can boast of a built-in Facebook integration feature currently. However, Facebook extensions and add-ons can be downloaded for Chrome and Safari.

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