How to send personalized mass emails in Gmail?

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Gmail is considered to be one of the reliable applications to send e-mails as far as common users who make use of Gmail are concerned. Gmail provides users with a wide range of user-friendly functionalities and features. One of them is the sending of personalized mass e-mails by means of using Gmail that helps the users extensively in inviting their friends as well as relatives for any party invitations in a totally effortless way.

Mail Merge means the merging of the database information in a particular template. The database includes the information about a list of names or it can be also some other unique details. The feature is of immense use if the user wishes to send personalized e-mails to more than one person and that too in no time.

Users will have to follow the below mentioned steps to send personalized mass e-mails by means of Gmail.

How to send personalized mass emails in Gmail?

  • Users will have to initially save the copy of mail merge template on to their Google Docs

  • Click on to the ‘Address List’ category that is present in the Mail Merge Template

  • Enter the list of e-mail addresses to which the users wish to send the customized invitations

  • Now the users will have to draft the listed invitation mails on to the ‘Message’ section

How to send personalized mass emails in Gmail?

  • Users will then have to ensure that they accurately and precisely fill up the 5 data field

  • It is always desirable for the users to ensure that they can place custom names as well as timings and wishes accordingly

  • Then the users will have to click on the ‘Mail Merge’ menu present in the template

  • Click on the ‘Send Emails’ option

  • Users will now have to authorize that they are sending the e-mails on behalf of them with their own Gmail address

How to send personalized mass emails in Gmail?

  • To authorize, click on ‘OK’

  • Now again select the ‘Mail Merge’ tab and then select ‘Send Emails’ from the menu to send the e-mails

  • Users can now see that the ‘Status Column’ will be updated as and when the e-mails are sent to the list of personalized friends successfully

  • Users are required to clear all the entries in the status column before reusing the template for some other invitations

Now the users can enjoy uninterrupted mass e-mailing in their Gmail by sending personalized mass mails to all the friends or colleagues that they wish to send.

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