How to set up Facebook desktop messenger?

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Facebook Desktop Messenger can be considered as one of those emerging applications that are more user-friendly compared to the Facebook chat user. One of the most important highlight of this application is that the user does not need a browser to be kept open inorder to make use of it.

How to set up Facebook desktop messenger?

One of the major features that come with Facebook Messenger includes;

Viewing Online Friends: This is one of the major advantages of using Facebook Messenger.

  • Users can see all those friends that are signed in to the Facebook chat

  • Users can even initiate as well as receive a chat invite from their friends by means of using Facebook Messenger

Viewing Ticker

  • Helps the user in watching the recent posts from the users feed and there by eliminating the time that the users will have to spend by heading over to their Facebook profile page

  • If the user wishes to respond to any comments, then they will just have to click on to the update and they will be taken to the corresponding page in order to comment on them

Notifications, Messages as well as Friend Requests

  • By making use of Facebook Messenger application, users will be informed quickly whenever they receive a Facebook Friend Request

  • Similar is the situation once the user receives a Facebook private message as well as any other notifications

  • Clicking on to the notifications page will direct the users to the corresponding page

Below mentioned steps include the step by step procedures through which the users can set up Facebook Desktop Messenger.

  • Users will first have to download the Facebook Messenger

How to set up Facebook desktop messenger?

  • Once downloaded, users can see a pop up message that displays ‘Please log in to Facebook so you can chat and get notifications on your desktop’

  • Now the users only have to log in to the Facebook by making use of their own Facebook account

  • Once the user signs in to the Facebook, they will encounter a message that tells the user that the messenger will be logged in unless the user logs out of their corresponding Facebook account

How to set up Facebook desktop messenger?

  • For making the Facebook Messenger work even after the browser gets closed, users will have to check mark the ‘keep me logged’ box

  • There is also another method inorder to keep the Facebook Messenger work even after the browser gets closed, and that is represented by means of a Notification Bar

  • Inorder to log out from the Facebook Messenger, users will just have to click the ‘Log Out’ button that is represented in the users Facebook account

This is how the users can set up their Facebook Messenger.

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