How to Tether Your Phone Internet to Your Laptop?

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How to Tether Your Phone Internet to Your Laptop?

Tethering a phone to your laptop will help you stay connected to the world through internet, irrespective of your location. It can be extremely handy when the small screen of your smartphone proves to be more than efficient for superfast execution of tasks like making presentations, preparing documents or even online gaming. Here is a tutorial on how to tether your mobile internet to a laptop

Step 1: Install the modem

The first step in tethering is installation of the modem. You will first need the modem driver which can be downloaded from the website of the phone manufacturer. Certain manufacturers provide the driver along with the phone in a disk. If you already have it, copy the driver to your desktop and install it.

The next step is to activate the phone modem from the phone’s menu. Most phones have this option displayed under ‘Connectivity’ section. 

Once you have activated the phone modem, connect the phone to the laptop by using an USB cable. If the driver has been successfully installed, your laptop will automatically detect the phone as a modem. 

Step 2: Creating and establishing the connection

To set up a connection, you will need to direct yourself to Network Connections section from the Control Panel. Upon reaching the page, you have to click on ‘Set up a connection or Network’. 

From the list of connection types, choose ‘Set up a dial up connection’ 

Next page will have a ‘Dial up phone number’ entry field where you will have to enter the access number ‘#777’ which works with most carriers. If you encounter any access problems, contact your service provider and get the details of the values and attributes for setting up the connection. 

You can provide a name for the connection under “Connection name” entry field. There will also be a page for username and password which you can skip if those details have not been provided by your wireless provider. 

Right click on the Connection and click on Connect from the drop down menu. Authentication process will start and connection will be established shortly after.

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