How to write Mac OS-X Li to DVD Disc for booting?

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Most of the users might be thinking whether it is possible to make their Mac OS-X Li-on bootable on to a DVD disc. The answer is yes! It is very well possible. The users should have some initial requirements before they begin burning as well as installation. Mac OS X Lion is considered to be one of the most sought after operating systems as far as Apple Mac users are concerned.


How to write Mac OS-X Li to DVD Disc for booting?


This Mac OS comes with a lot of user-friendly and advanced features that make it quite unique compared to its competitors. Some of the path breaking features includes improved accessibility as well as the presence of address book that comes with iPhoto faces as well as FaceTime calling feature.


In FaceTime, users can enjoy the presence of video calling as well as Address book calling and high-definition video calls. Other notable features include the presence of Launchpad as well as Application store and Lion Recovery that is mainly used for the recovery of data in case of any hardware failure.


Let’s take a close look at how Mac OS-X Lion can be installed and burned on to a bootable DVD Disc.


Basic Requirements

  • Apple ID inorder to access the Application store for purchasing Mac OS-X Lion

  • Mac with DVD Burner

  • A writeable new DVD Disc that is empty can be used

Now the users will have to follow the following steps in a step by step basis inorder to make their corresponding OS X Lion bootable on to a DVD Disc.


How to write Mac OS-X Li to DVD Disc for booting?





  • Purchase Mac OS X Lion from the Mac Application Store

  • Download the OS

  • Search for Lion Installer

  • Right-click Lion Installer

  • Now the users will have to click ‘Show Package Contents’

  • In ‘Show package Contents’, click ‘Contents’ folder

  • Then select ‘Shared Support’

  • Now the users will find ‘InstallESD.dmg’ which must be copied on to the user’s desktop to make it easy to access

How to write Mac OS-X Li to DVD Disc for booting?



Burning to a bootable DVD disc

  • Select ‘Disk Utility’

  • Click ‘Burn’ that is present especially in the top portion of the menu

  • Once the Disk Utility prompts for what the user wish to burn , the users will then have to navigate towards the desktop and select the ‘InstallESD.dmg’ file that is placed on the desktop

  • Now the users will have to insert an empty DVD Disc inside the users corresponding Mac DVD Burner

  • Burn the disc

  • The process is completed and now the users are enhanced with their own OS-X Li-on disk that can be installed readily on all the authorized Macs around the user

Now the users can enjoy the benefits of Mac OS-X Li-on that is burned on to a bootable DVD disc.

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