10 Common iPhone Photography Mistakes..! And How To Avoid Them

    Have you ever wonder how other people manage to capture such impressive pictures with their iPhones! iPhone have replaced many gadgets especially it has changed the notion of traditional photography.

    These days' smartphones come with high-quality camera hardware. In fact, smartphone cameras have evolved over the past few years. Apple iPhones are undoubtedly the best smartphones available in the market. With only 8 megapixel shooter on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple made a buzz on the market.

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    Now, Apple has enhanced the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with 12 megapixel iSight camera on the back and a 5 megapixels Face Time camera on front.

    This post will tell you how to take eye-catching pictures from your iPhone and avoid mistakes. Have a look at the slider below to know more.

    iPhone Photography Tips: 1

    If your photo doesn't contain a point of interest, it will most likely fail to grab the attention of audience. Always, think of a subject as a resting place for your eyes, something your gaze can easily fall. If there is no obvious focal point, try a different viewpoint that allows you to capture a interesting subject.

    iPhone Photography Tips: 2

    When you are taking photos, always remember to focus the main subject in manual focus. Rather than letting the camera's autofocus decide which part of the scene to focus on. You should experiment with focus on different areas of the scene to get an idea of how the output will be.

    iPhone Photography Tips: 3

    Apple iPhone camera analyzes the scene and decide on what exposure the camera can take the best shot. If the camera doesn't get the correct exposure, you end up with an image that is under exposed or over exposed. It is important for you to take control and adjust the exposure.

    iPhone Photography Tips: 4

    Always make sure you have a good grip on your iPhone. Try to not move it at all while taking the shot as it may lead to a blurry photo, especially if your camera doesn't have an in-built in image stabilizer.

    iPhone Photography Tips: 5

    Composing a frame is an important aspect of photography. One of the common mistake of the beginners is they position the subject in the center of the frame. But, it often creates a more natural and balanced composition if you place the subject off-center.

    iPhone Photography Tips: 6

    Sometimes, we are so focused in our main element that we completely forget to check the background. Always, take a moment to check the background before take any photo.

    iPhone Photography Tips:

    Sometimes, even when we include an interesting subject and a nice looking background, we make them so small that they hardly even look. If you want your subject look strong enough, try getting closer before taking the photo.

    iPhone Photography Tips: 8

    The Digital zoom actually magnifies the subject of your shots, but does not enhance the quality of the image. Instead, you should always move closer to your subject.

    iPhone Photography Tips: 9

    There are there many apps available on Apple app store that you can use to edit photos, including the iPhone's native Photos app. Using apps, it is easy to adjust brightness, contrast and color. You can alos add filters, textures and vignettes, sharpen or soften our images, and do lot more.

    iPhone Photography Tips: 10

    Of course, a flash generally helps solve the lighting limitations of smartphone cameras. But make sure you use a flash with utmost care. A flash that's too bright can ruin the image.



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