10 Fixes to Resolve Google Play Store Crashes

Google Play Store is the only place where you can download all the third party apps to solve your smartphone related problems or apply some tricks to make your smartphone smarter. But what if the Google Play Store freezes or crashes?

10 Fixes to Resolve Google Play Store Crashes

At some point, we all might have received error notification saying 'connection timed out' or 'Play Store Not Working'. So here we have brought you 10 troubleshooting ideas you can apply when there is such a Play Store error. These tricks are equally applicable to any Android device, starting from version 2.3 to latest.

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Reboot Your Phone

When your Google Play Store crashes, the first and foremost thing you should do is reboot your phone before trying any other troubleshooting options. This is the most effective way of terminating any error in the device.

Uninstall all Google Play Store Updates

In case your Play Store doesn't respond even after rebooting, you can opt to uninstall the previous Play Store updates from the Play Store Settings. All you need to do go to settings > Apps > Google Play and click on Uninstall updates.

Wipe the Google Play Cache

In some cases, clearing the cache data helps to get your Google Play working again. This is one storage area that temporarily stores data so that it can be quickly retrieved without needing to be reloaded. So for that, go to settings > Applications Manager > All > Google Play Store and tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Check for Disabled Apps

Many times some apps need another app in order to work properly. So, if your Google Play Store is not responding, go to settings > apps >all. Here you'll find all the apps including the disabled ones. Try retrieving them and see if the Google Play Store starts working again.

Fix Phone's Date and Time Settings

Sometimes if your phone's date and time setting is not in sync, it may harm the functioning of the Play Store. So, check your phone's date and time and reset it properly.

Remove VPN Settings

Many VPN and proxy users have reportedly affected by Google Play Store issues. In such cases, disabling the proxy setting seemed to be the only solution to this problem. To access these Settings, just long-press on your router name > Advanced > Wi-Fi.

Alternatively, you can also open VPN settings under Wireless and networks category and disable it.

Perform Factory Data Reset

Opt for this option if any of the options above are not giving you the desired result. But you need to remember that performing this step will delete all the data from the device.

Enable Download Manager

Google Play Store generally doesn't open if the download manager is disabled. Hence, you need to ensure that it is working. To check, go to Settings > Application Manager > All > Download Manager and if the disable option is displayed then probably your Download Manager is already enabled. If not, you can easily change it.

Must be a problem with Google Play Services

We can say, 'Google Play Services' is the backbone of all Google applications because the most exciting features available in the apps are powered by this.

But it occasionally causes issues with older apps as the cache memory starts piling up with more and more data over time. So, it is a good practice to clear up the cache and data, using Play Services in the App Manager.


Reset Your Google Account

Many suggest that resetting Google account sometimes fixes the problem with Google Play Store. So it's worth a try. Just go to Settings > Accounts and select your Google account. Tap on the menu and hit 'Remove'. Once removed, again add your account again.

We hope now your smartphone's Google Play Store is working again.


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