Google wants to change the way we live with its latest hardware products

    Google has been around for the last 18 years and surely knows how technology is evolving around us. Started as a software firm, Google is much more than that today, and touches every aspect of our lives with its software products including the popular Google Search, Android OS, Google Maps, Gmail, etc.

    Google wants to change the way we live with its latest hardware

    However, Google now wants to step up the game and has laid out its plans to revolutionize the way we live with its latest product line-up. The company has unveiled an entire interconnected hardware ecosystem, which includes two top-of-the line smartphones, a VR headset, an intelligent speaker, a Wi-Fi router, and a media-streaming dongle.

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    Google wants to change the way we live with its latest hardware

    These products, especially the Google Pixel phones and Google Home speaker are built around the Google's most ambitious project- Google Assistant. The others take advantage of Google's cloud-based intelligence to deliver a rich multimedia experience.

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    Google Pixel Phones- Designed to challenge Apple’s throne

    Apple has emerged to be a leader in software and hardware world with its iOS, Mac OS and the ever popular iPhones. The search engine giant surely wins when it comes to the figures talking about Android users around the globe, but the sad state of Android fragmentation is the biggest headache for the company. The software adoption rate does not concern Apple because it manufactures its own hardware and pushes the software updates instantly to users around the globe.

    Google can only compete with Apple if it also takes the command of the hardware part, which the company has done with the introduction of Pixel smartphones.

    Pixel phones are a direct attack on Apple's iPhone reign and packs in all sorts of tips and tricks. The hardware is top-notch and at the core is Google Assistant, which has already impressed us with its abilities as showcased in Google Allo messaging app.

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    Google Pixel phones will waste no time in getting software updates and is an attempt to position Android as an iPhone competitor in terms of consumer experience, quality and sales. Besides, Pixel is the first phone to support Google's Daydream virtual reality and Google Assistant.

    In terms of hardware, Google pixel smartphone offers 5-inch and 5.5-inch full HD displays with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4. They run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 CPUs paired up with 4GB RAM. Besides, Google says that the Pixel camera is not only the best smartphone camera company have ever made, but it's also the highest rated smartphone camera anyone has ever made.

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    Priced at starting from Rs 57,000, Google Pixel will be available for pre-orders in India from October 13 onwards.

    Google Home- The new age home accessory

    Amazon Echo gave us a glimpse of what ‘Artificial Intelligence' and ‘Machine learning' is capable of. Google Home improves on Amazon Echo by integrating an improved design featuring high quality speakers, advanced microphones and the company's ‘Neural beam Forming' technology that takes advantage of computing in cloud to identify and process your speech.

    As per Google, the company has simulated hundreds of thousands of different environments - noisy environments, quiet environments - and have applied machine learning to it. Just like Google Pixel phones, Google Assistant is the heart of Google Home and shows off how far ahead Google is compared to Alexa or Siri. You can ask Google Home to play a particular song from your favorite album and it will source it from YouTube. You can ask it to create an appointment, a list, book tickets, find recipe, read out news, switch on/off lights, tricks to win games and much more.

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    It utilizes the power of Google's knowledge graph and give results that no other artificial assistant is capable of. Google Home will work with a few services: YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Nest, Philips Hue, SmartThings, and a few more.

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    Google Chromecast Ultra- Stream 4K and HDR content on your TV

    How about wirelessly streaming 4K content on your TV with just voice commands. No buttons, no touch inputs, just say ‘Ok Google' and give the command, it's that simple.

    With new Chromecast Ultra, you can stream 4K and HDR and content on your TV and it even lets you use Ethernet for its connection.

    The new Chromecast is also connected to Google Assistant and always waiting for Google Home to stream content on your TV. You can ask Google Home to play a YouTube video on your TV and it'll command the Chromecast to begin playing.


    Google Wi-Fi router and Daydream VR

    Besides, Google has also introduced Google Wi-Fi router to better manage all the devices on your network. It will help your devices communicate better with the network at your home and work place, so that you never experience a drop in internet connectivity. Google Wi-Fi router is priced at approximately Rs 7,800.

    Last but not the least, Google has developed another VR platform- Daydream. This one comes with a VR device, priced at Rs 4,800 approximately and is compatible with Pixel smartphones. Google aims to make Daydream a standard Android VR platform. Daydream is actually a pair of goggles that turn phones into virtual reality headsets, combined with a custom controller.

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