Google Allo Assistant vs Apple Siri: AI Battle Gets Tougher

    This is the beginning of future. Since the introduction of 'witty' Google Assistant, the battle of AI has become more intense. It has also intensified the long-running tech clash between Google and Apple.

    Google Allo Assistant vs Apple Siri: AI Battle Gets Tougher

    Like them or not, voice-activated assistants have become a standard on smartphones, and now desktops. They allow us to control our devices hands-free and offer a speedy alternative to typing queries.

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    Although all do the same thing, each has its own set of quirks that makes it unique. To spice things up a little, here's a comparison between the much-favoured Siri and the newly launched Google Assistant to show how the latter may just be the better choice.

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    #1 More Engaging

    Just type 'I am Bored' and wait for the replies you'll get from both the assistants. As seen in the picture, while Siri gives its 'one-liners' like I am not amused (So mean of Siri!), but Google Assistant instantly tells you a joke or gives you gaming options.

    #2 More Informative

    If you verse a line of poetry and ask who is the writer to both Siri and Google Assistant, the latter shows more interest to ask follow up questions followed by your initial questions. Whereas, Siri will stop after just answering your question.

    For example, we have asked who sang Teenage Dreams? While Siri answers Katy Perry while Google Assistant gives you options if you want to know about its net worth, her age, her height, etc.

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    #3 Auto-Response

    Imagine you're caught with works and unable to reply to a text you've got from someone. Your virtual Google Assistant can auto reply to the text. But Siri doesn't have any such option.

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    #4 Google is more Diplomatic

    While it was evident that the introduction of Google Assistant will bring the question of contest with Siri, hence its is pre-configured to remain diplomatic with questions like 'Are You Better than Siri?'

    #5 Siri is exclusive to iPhones

    Google Assistant has a more wide reach considering that it is compatible with both Android and iOS but on the other side Siri is exclusive to Apple.

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