10 Simple Tips and Tricks to Make the Best of Instagram!

By Ankit

    Instagram is the most popular image-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service in the world, with more than one billion active users as of 2015. Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Kevin Systrom, Instagram was taken over by Facebook in 2012 for around $1 Billion in cash and stock.

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    With individuals as well as companies all over the world using Instagram to leverage their brand, why should you be left behind? We have curated a list of the top 10 tips to improve your Instagram game and help increase your online social presence.


    A hashtag is a clickable word that can be searched and researched on Instagram whenever required. Adding hashtags to your photo description helps users all over the world reach your photo easier, by clicking on the common terms that people generally use.

    Here are few of the most common tags on Instagram.

    #Love, #Instadaily, #Instagood, #Food, #Foodporn


    If you have a blog, a shopping portal or any product that you wish to promote on Instagram, a crucial part of posting images and videos is remembering the niche you belong to.

    Using off-topic images will not be of much help as it will deviate the aim of your followers.


    Instagram works on a real-time basis and displays user posts according to the time that they were posted on. This means that if you update your timeline once a week, chances are your users won't be viewing your content.

    To avoid this, just try to post at least one image or short video every day to increase the chances of your post being visible. More posts mean more visibility and more visibility means more conversions!


    A feature that Instagram has borrowed from Twitter is one of following and gaining followers. To gain the maximum number of followers, just follow most of the top influencers in your category.

    Also, try and find accounts that follow back. Apart from this, you can also mention words like ‘#TeamFollowback' and ‘#FollowBack' in your description to gain the attention of followers, luring them to follow you for their own purpose.


    The ‘like' feature has gained much popularity since the outburst of Facebook and Instagram. Similarly, if you ‘like' and appreciate posts from popular user accounts, they will reciprocate.

    First, the users would like back your posts and also follow you. Secondly, your likes would be visible on their profile and their followers, thus, could follow you.



    Have you ever loved the amazing Instagram filters but not wanted to post the image onto the app? Well, there's a way to bypass that step.

    Just switch on Airplane mode and go into Instagram. Once you are done with the editing, post the image. It will give you a network error and you can easily save the final result into your gallery.


    You can use a modern Android emulator to run multiple instances of the Instagram app on your computer easily. This is for people who would like to have the liberty of using several Instagram accounts for personal and work purposes.


    A lot of users on Instagram have cool linebreaks and font styles in their bio. If you have ever wanted to get one for yourself, the secret is really simple. Just edit out the stuff you want, in a text editor or MS Word, and copy paste it into your bio.


    Your Instagram photos are, by default, geotagged to show the location of capture. You can change this setting, but most people tend to overlook it, until they realize their privacy has gone for a toss. If you've done this, go to your Photo Map and edit photos to remove them from the map completely.


    Go to your Instagram profile and click on the ‘person' button on the right. You'll see all the photosthat you have been tagged in, and you can then click on the options and choose whether to remove the tag altogether or keep it and just remove the photo from your profile.

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