15 Keyboard Shortcuts To Master Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft's Excel is the basic and most widely used software worldwide. We all know that it features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications.

    15 Keyboard Shortcuts To Master Microsoft Excel

    Well, it is hard to master the Microsoft Excel. There are tons of shortcuts for Excel, but trying to learn every single shortcut on the spreadsheet can be overwhelming and confusing as well.

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    We have put together a list of shortcuts that will be useful for most users. These keyboard shortcuts includes a quick way to format cell, navigate to sheets and to operate more easily. Read on to know the useful shortcuts.

    Access to ribbon: Microsoft Excel 2013 and later have a feature called Key Tips, when the new tool appears press Alt to get the corresponding menu on Ribbon.

    Ctrl + Page Down: will switch between worksheet tabs (left to right)

    Ctrl + Page Up: will switch between worksheet tabs (right to left)

    F12: "Save As" window.

    Ctrl + Shift + $: Current cell formatted as currency.

    Ctrl + Shift + %: Current cell formatted as percentage.

    Ctrl + Shift + #: Current cell formatted as date with day, month, year.

    Ctrl + Shift + ":": Insert current time.

    Ctrl + Shift + ";": Insert current date.

    F4: Repeats the last command or action.

    Shift + Arrow key: Extends your current cell selection by one addition cell in the direction specified.

    Ctrl + F1: Display or hide the Ribbon.

    Alt + Shift + F1: Insert a new worksheet tab.

    Ctrl + F4: Close the current workbook.

    Ctrl + D: Launches the Fill Down command for the selected cells below.



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