3 Simple Ways to Add/Remove/Change WhatsApp Group Admin

This tutorial will tell you how to add/change or remove multiple admins from a WhatsApp group.

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WhatsApp has released multiple new and exciting features over past few weeks for its beta version. Some of these features include adding doodle, stickers, the addition of quick media forward link and much more.

3 Simple Ways to Add/Remove/Change WhatsApp Group Admin

But there is also something for WhatsApp groups. Now onwards group admin needs to send invite link to a person before adding him/her as a group participant. But, what if you want to add multiple admins or remove or even change someone from group admin? Here's a trick that'll help you do the task.

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Adding Multiple Admins to A WhatsApp Group

Step 1: Go to the group for which you are the admin.
Step 2: Now go to the group info for accessing the participants.
Step 3: Long tap on the participant whom you wish to make the admin for this group.
Step 4: A drop down menu will flash on your screen. Click on 'Add XYZ to Group Admins'.

Remove Admin from A WhatsApp Group

If a group has multiple admins, in order to take back the admin right from a member, the person needs to be removed from the group and re-added as a normal participant. Here's how you can do that.

Step 1. Open the participants' list of the WhatsApp group.
Step 2. Long tap on the other admin's contact.
Step 3. Tap on Remove XYZ .
Step 4. Once the person is removed, re-add the person again. That's all!


Changing WhatsApp Group Admin

The process of changing the WhatsApp group admin includes both processes mentioned above. At first, the present group admin needs to add another participant as group admin and ask the other admin to remove you from group and re-add as regular participant. As simple as that!

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