3 Tricks to Free Up Storage Space on Gmail

You can free up the storage space on Gmail using these simple tricks.

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We all get bombarded with too many emails every day, and most of them are not worthy of our attention. And the most frustrating about emails is that the important ones often get lost in the cluttered inbox. Hence, organized email management is highly essential these days.

3 Tricks to Free Up Storage Space on Gmail

So, here we have brought you 3 easy tricks that will definitely help you to free up your Gmail account in 2 minutes.

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3 Tricks to Free Up Storage Space on Gmail

1. Empty Trash & Delete Spam

This is one folder that eats up a lot of space of your email account. This works as the recycle bin of Gmail. Even though we delete unwanted junk emails from our primary mail folder, all those gets dumped into the Trash box. So, this is undoubtedly the first place you should get into and clean up.

3 Tricks to Free Up Storage Space on Gmail

2. Find Messages with Big Attachments

The best way to reduce the overload of your email account is to find out the emails which have attachments. An easy trick to find them is, type 'has:attachment' on the search bar> Click on the tiny arrow on the bar>Choose a specific file type>Hit search button. It'll bring you all the emails which have attachments.

3 Tricks to Free Up Storage Space on Gmail

3. Find & Delete Emails in Bulk

Even after we mark the most emails with attachments, many times we might not want to delete all such emails. And there are lots of emails without attachments that are mostly junks such as newsletters, notifications, adverts, etc. We can delete such junk emails at once by simply running a filter. All you have to do is click on one such mail>Click on the arrow button beside reply>select 'Filter Messages like This'>You'll find all type of junk emails>Mark them all>Hit Delete>Now go to trash>select 'Empty Trash Now'. Voila! You're done!

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