5 Common Android Smartphone Problems and Fixes

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Smartphone users often face several challenges, be it the phone's operation, connectivity issues, overheating problem or others. Hence, along with being productive, Android phones build a lot of trouble for the users as well.

5 Common Android Smartphone Problems and Fixes

Although our smartphones are extremely productive and help us with our everyday tasks with ease, there are reasons that these mobiles create additional pressure too.

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Imagine a smartphone failing to operate when needed or an application suddenly stops working when you need it the most, How annoying could it be?

We at GizBot has come up with 5 troubleshooting ways for the Android users to resolve these issues and make life easy.

5 Common Android Smartphone Problems and Fixes

Connectivity Issue

Over dependency on Internet leads to an increase in the smartphone dependency as well. It is an extremely common sight to have a problem connecting to either Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or mobile data.

The best way to resolve this issue is to enable the Airplane mode for 30 seconds and then try to reconnect to the mobile network again. In case that doesn't work, all the users can do it to check and reset the mobile setting.

5 Common Android Smartphone Problems and Fixes

Phone Overheating

Phone overheating is one of the biggest problems that smartphone users has often been facing, which is the core reason behind all the phone explosion incidents.

Overheating often results from over usage or overcharging of the phone. In case a smartphone user has too many apps installed on their phone, and using them regularly might lead to overheating as well.

So, to avoid the overheating issues, all the smartphone users are required to do is to lessen the usage of their smartphone.

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5 Common Android Smartphone Problems and Fixes

Battery Drain

Most smartphones often have this very common problem regardless of the brand, is battery draining issue. 'Battery is low' is a very common phrase among most of the smartphone users, and the best way one can get rid of this issue is by changing the location and brightness settings.

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Keeping the phone in battery saving mode and auto-brightness option is the core solution to this problem.

5 Common Android Smartphone Problems and Fixes

App Crashes

We often have numerous apps in our smartphones and its a very common sight that while using these apps, it might just suddenly crash or stop working.

All the user needs to do is update the app again or just simply force close and reopen the app again.

5 Common Android Smartphone Problems and Fixes

Apps Don't Download

It often happens that smartphone users face issues in downloading a new app. The solution to this problem is to clear the Google Play Store's cache or clearing the Play Store history.

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