5 Possible Tricks to Fix No or Delayed Notification Issue in WhatsApp

    WhatsApp has over 900 million users. Not all but many of us face a common issue of not receiving push notifications. Only when we launch the app we receive all the notifications altogether.

    5 Possible Tricks to Fix No or Delayed Notification Issue in WhatsApp

    Because of this issue, several times we miss important or urgent messages from our family or friends. Mostly we first think of having a slow network. But even if we check our network settings very often this issue remains the same.

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    There could be many reasons behind this issue. Hence, here at GIZBOT, we have found out few solution tricks for the same. Here look at it..

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    Check WhatsApp Notification from Settings

    Go to settings>Apps>WhatsApp. Check whether notification option is enabled or not. If not enable it.

    Switch off Battery Saver

    Generally, if your battery saver is turned on then, likely you won't get push notifications from any apps including WhatsApp. Disable the power saver if it is on.

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    Check Between Wifi and Mobile Network

    Many WhatsApp users complain that due to network problem, the notifications gets stuck. Check the options well.

    Turn off Restrict Background Data

    Open device Settings, look for Data Usage. And then tap on WhatsApp and ensure that 'restrict background data' is off.

    Use Push Notification Fixer

    If nothing is working from above tricks, the last option you can opt for is installing an application from Google Play Store called Push Notification Fixer.

    When you open the application you'll see two options called Mobile Heartbeat Interval and Wifi Heartbeat Interval on the settings. Make those to 2 minutes by clicking on the listed options. Once done click on Apply Settings and you're done.

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