5 Ways to Customize Your Facebook News Feed Like a Boss

Your Facebook news feed is a list of updates and stories that are posted by the friends and pages that you follow on Facebook. However, based on your personal preferences, you can adjust your news fee

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Facebook can be annoying at times when you have to scroll through a large number of new posts to see something actually worthy of your time. Moreover, the never-ending posts from annoying people or links to stupid survey sites or ads is just taking up some valuable time and the fact is that sometimes spending time on Facebook is more irritating than productive.

5 Ways to Customize Your Facebook News Feed Like a Boss

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As such, all the pages and groups you have liked or joined together flood the timeline with regular updates, making it a cumbersome task to find that one post or image from a friend.

The frustration may often lead to us to open every single one of those pages and groups and unsubscribe from them. However that is not necessary.
Well, in a matter of minutes, you can easily make Facebook more interesting to you again by making some clever changes to what appears in your News Feed.

So if you were wondering, there's a simple way to customize the entire Facebook News Feed. Read on below to learn about the five simple steps that will help what you see when you log in the next time, things more relevant to you.

Here's how to do it.

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Changing the Settings

Log in to Facebook and click the down arrow tab. After that, scroll down and navigate to the News Feed Preferences section. You will now see the following four options:

- Prioritize who to see first
- Unfollow people to hide their posts
- Reconnect with people you've unfollowed
- Discover Pages that match your interests

Prioritize Who to See First

On clicking the 'Prioritize who to see first' option, you will get to see all the pages you have ever liked/followed and all the friends who are in your list. By simply tapping on them you can now see them first in your news feed.

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Unfollow People to Hide their Posts

The 'Reconnect with people you've unfollowed' section shows a list of people and pages you have unfollowed. Here if you want to see the posts then select the friends or pages you want to follow. After following them back and you will see their updates in your news feed from now on.

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Discover Pages that Match your Interests

This option suggests variety of pages to like by finding new ones. The icon of each page also shows which of your friends have liked it. So once you like the page you will be able to see their posts in your News Feed. If you don't want to see just ignore.

More Options

Well in the 'More options' section, you will be able to choose to show or hide certain apps from the News Feed. So you can easily select which ones to show and which ones to hide.

Lastly, people using Facebook on their smartphone can follow similar steps. They just have to click on the Settings option (the three lines at the right top corner) and go to the 'News Feed Preferences' setting. The same options as the ones mentioned above will then appear. These can be then configured in a similar way.

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