Here are 7 Ways You Can Avoid Killing Your iPhone Battery!

    Keeping your phone fully charged can always get you through the day for sure. By the end of the day, you either have a phone that's on the brink of shutting down or you still have enough power left to spend more time with your device.

    But our charging habits always take a toll on the battery without our knowledge. And that could cost us a lot when we really need the battery life maintained. Here are 7 things you need to avoid from killing your battery.

    7 Ways To Avoid Killing Your iPhone Battery!

    Always 100%

    Some have a habit of being at 100% battery power. Waking up from your slumber to find the battery at 97% and then putting it to charge can decrease the life of your battery. Leaving for work even with 80% of charge is not such a bad idea.

    7 Ways To Avoid Killing Your iPhone Battery!

    Killing it purposely

    Lithium-ion batteries tend to become volatile when they end up working on the last reserves. It would be best if you avoid the "Low Battery" sign. Completely using the battery also wears down the battery life. Even for iPhones, Apple always has suggested that the devices be drained once in two months to maintain a perfect battery life.

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    7 Ways To Avoid Killing Your iPhone Battery!

    Battery hot

    Our phones are not meant to bake in the sun. That being said, heating up the battery with continuous exposure can also affect your battery life as well as lead to a sluggish performance.

    7 Ways To Avoid Killing Your iPhone Battery!

    Cover charging

    Many Android smartphones and iPhones have cases with a built-in battery pack. When you are always on the move, these cases help a lot. But it can also cause problems with your battery. Having a continuous power source attached to your battery will reduce its life too, hence, it would be advised to rely on battery backups that do not remain in contact with your battery for long durations.

    7 Ways To Avoid Killing Your iPhone Battery!

    Case on

    We are so desperate to save our dying phones that quickly plug it into our chargers with the case still on. Charging it while your phone is still covered in that precious case, it still emits heat while charging. And that again is the reason to reduce your battery performance. Take it off and let your device gets some fresh air.

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    7 Ways To Avoid Killing Your iPhone Battery!

    Backup phone

    You may have two phones with you. One is your primary device, the other happens to be one which you use in case you lose the former. It is a good idea, but you should make sure that the phone is kept in a cool place and with the battery charged halfway.
    Keeping the phone unused for months leaves the phone in a "deep discharge state". In layman's terms, its a coma for batteries. It can barely hold any charge in the future and wouldn't even turn on your phone.

    7 Ways To Avoid Killing Your iPhone Battery!

    Original accessories

    Charging of your smartphones always has to be done with the ones provided with the box. If you ever lose, get another one or you could use one with similar specifications as the original accessory.


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