HOW TO: 4 Steps to Know Which Apps Are Killing Your Smartphone’s Battery!

    The battery life of an Android smartphone is one of the major concerns for most of the users. Being an Android phone user, always expect your smartphone to last one full day at least, on a single charge.

    HOW TO: 4 Steps to Know Which Apps Are Killing Your Phone’s Battery!

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    For those who are not aware, a significant part of the battery is consumed by the applications that are installed on your smartphone. While those who know that apps consume a lot of the battery life, finding out which apps are causing battery drainage is always a big task.

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    Here at GizBot, we have come out with a solution for you with detailed the steps we will help you find out those battery draining apps. You can follow the steps below and detect those power-hungry apps and get rid of the problem.

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    The most useful app might be consuming the highest

    Sometimes, the apps that you might find very useful or the ones that you use on a regular basis consume a lot of the battery life. Maybe, the app might not affect the performance of your smartphone, but the battery in the device will lose its effectiveness over time. Eventually, the high battery consumption of the app comes to light.

    Settings → Power Management

    From the Settings menu in your Android device, you can get to know the apps that consume a lot of the battery power. You need to navigate to Settings → Power Management or Battery. There, you will get to see many apps and services.

    Force stop the specific apps

    After finding out the applications that consume a lot of the battery life, you need to decide what to do with the app. Tap on the app from the list and you have the options that you are left with. It is up to you to delete some data or clear the cache of the app. However, most effective solution is to force stop the specific app and restart it. After this, you need to monitor the app to know if it is consuming a lot of the battery life again.

    If Apps are not the reason, lower the screen brightness level

    Applications may or may not be the culprits every time when it comes to draining the battery life. In some cases, it could be a functionality of the device. For instance, the screen could be seen in the list. In that case, you need to set a lower brightness level. To know more on how to improve your Android smartphone's battery life, read this content. 

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