5 Household Items That Can Help You Clean Your Smartphone

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Its not a surprise that our smartphones become dirty and carry bacteria on them. The reason is that we take our smartphones everywhere we go.

How to Clean Your Smartphone with Items At Your Home [5 Easy Ways]

A recent report states that our smartphones have around 18 times more bacteria on them than a toilet handle. In that case, a quick wipe of the filthy phone on your shirt isn't going to get away all the bacteria off the phone.

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We need to take some steps to clean the phone and it is not a very difficult task as we can do it with the household items that we may have lying around our house. However, make sure you make the cleaning and disinfecting of the phone after turning it off and removing the battery if possible. Also, the ports should be sealed with tape to prevent liquid damage and the cleaning should be gentle.

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Take a look at the household items that you can use to keep your smartphone free from germs

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Microfiber or lint-free cloth is the best option

The easiest way to clean a smartphone is with a microfiber cloth or a lint-free cloth that you get with your sunglasses. Unlike paper napkins, microfiber cloths gently clean a smartphone without the risk of scratching them. It will remove oily fingerprints and smudges from the device and its screen. Dampen the cloth with a few drops of water and gently wipe it on the phone. Use a dry corner of the cloth to remove the moisture.

Cotton swabs are also useful

The cotton swabs are capable of removing the tiny crumbs and dust particles on your phone. These are effective in removing the grime even from the hard to reach areas of the device. Moreover, cotton swabs do a good job in cleaning the ports and cases. Just brush it over the dirty parts of the phone.

Using a bit of alcohol is great

Using alcohol to clean your phone is a quick alternative you can try out. Some makers recommend not to use products with ammonia, alcohol and other cleaning substances and some others say these can be used in small amounts. You can try it at your own risk. Just mix 40 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol and 60 percent water and lightly use this mixture to dampen a microfiber or lint-free cloth or cotton. Gently wipe the device to kill the bacteria on your phone.

White vinegar and distilled water

If you don't want to try the above mentioned method of using alcohol, you can try this one. Mix equal proportions of white vinegar and distilled water. And follow the same procedure to remove the bacteria and dirt from your phone.

Sanitizers work well on phones too!

Squeeze a bit of sanitizer on a micro-fiber or lint-free cloth and wipe it gently on your phone. This will remove the germs and bacteria on the device and leave it clean.

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