For Apple iPhone Users in India: 10 Awesome Ways Siri Can Save Time for You

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Siri- portability at its best. iPhone's this voice-based personal assistant can do a lot of work for you.

For Apple iPhone Users in India: 10 Awesome Ways Siri Can Save Time fo

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Many iPhone users have bitter-sweet relationship with Siri. Especially when Siri starts talking in between a meeting or shows you response like this..

For Apple iPhone Users in India: 10 Awesome Ways Siri Can Save Time fo

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But many are not aware that Siri has a great potential to make your like easy. More so while on the go. Here are the 10 ways Siri can prove herself (in iPhone 7, Siri also can be 'he'. you can always change settings) the biggest timesaver app.

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Make calls with Siri

Ask Siri 'Call my wife'. Leave the rest with her. Siri will search through the contact, find the matched one and makes the call.

Send SMS

Siri is the ultimate help when you are driving. Ask Siri like this, tell my mom I've reached safely. With Siri, no more road accident or traffic fines.

Save Contact

You can easily save a new contact with Siri. It has an additional option where you can identify it with the relation. This way Siri can easily make calls and send SMS.

Set Reminder and Todos on My List

Make sure when you are setting a to-do list you specifically say 'remember'. And if you say remind me, Siri will ask you when.

App Launching

Launching an app is made easier by Siri. Just say Launch . I can be very useful when your hands are full.

Set Alarms

Now no need to hunt to set an alarm. Just ask your digital personal assistant to 'Wake me up at

Play Voicemail

When You are in the car, Siri can play voicemails for you. Just ask her, 'Play my last voicemail'.

Post to Tweet or Facebook

Here you can use Siri to launch the app and ask her 'Post on [Twitter or Facebook]'. Then Siri will ask you dictate the message. Once done, Siri will confirm the post and send.

Check Weather

We all have our favorite weather apps. But you can ask Siri for weather updates while you are walking.

Make Dinner Reservation with Siri

Thanks to Apple's integration with OpenTable, an online real-time restaurant-reservation service, you can just ask Siri to 'Reserve table for 2 at at 9pm.

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