Here are 5 Tricks To Get Better Google Search Results

We often try out different ways to search for the information we are looking for on Google, but fail to get the most appropriate result. Try out these 5 tricks to get better search results on Google.

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To get any information about anything is easy. Just type the keywords on the Google Search engine and you are done. Rather you might just get information that is far more than what you would actually need.

Here are 5 Tricks To Get Better Google Search Results

However, getting more information than you require is also a little annoying. Searching for the accurate information among the numerous links that Google provides you with is surely a tough task.

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We at GizBot have come up with a list of effective methods to try out to search the most accurate information on Google in just a few clicks.

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Searching Using Synonyms of the Keyword

To get better search results, use synonyms of the keyword you are searching for as it is a good option. All you need to type on the search engine is put the keyword you are searching information for, enter "~" symbol and type the synonym. Example: type Healthy~Food, and you'll get information about principles of healthy eating, cooking recipes, and other related stuff.

Use Asterisk Sign

In case you're not able to remember a word, the "*" symbol comes into play. Just use the asterisk symbol in the place of the word you are unable to remember, and click on the search option, Google will show the related result that you were looking for.

Enter Either This or That

Sometimes its happens that we often forget whether we are typing the correct keyword on the Google search engine. All that you can do is, enter option and put "or" and enter the option that you are confused with. Google will display the most appropriate result.

Searching for a Title or URL

In case one needs to find the keywords and name of an article, all that the user can do is just type "intitle:" before the term that you want to search for. Whereas, to find a URL enter "inurl:".

Use a Time Frame

Sometimes we forget when an event occurred. In such a situation, you can simply add a time frame to your search query with the help of three dots between the dates such as 1900...2000.

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