5 Scams That Every WhatsApp User Should Be Aware Of

WhatsApp seems to be getting unsafe with every passing day. Here are a few scams happening around WhatsApp that you shouldn't believe.

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Any social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram or any other, there are both pros and cons for each one of them.

5 Scams That Every WhatsApp User Should Be Aware Of

Like WhatsApp can be your best friend, it can also be a trap. So, you need to beware of all that is happening. Ever since WhatsApp was introduced, there have been certain scams making rounds on the social media platform.

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However, if you are an active WhatsApp user, you should surely beware of these scams. Check out these 5 scams occurring across WhatsApp that you need to be extremely cautious of.

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You may have often received messages like "use this voucher and get Rs. 100 off" on WhatsApp messages. Beware of such messages.

When you receive such forwarded messages from your friends on WhatsApp, there will be a link that you'll be asked to click, and enter your personal details. If you want yourself to be safe, never click on the link.

Receiving WhatsApp Ending or Shutting You Account Messages? Never Believe Them

"WhatsApp is Ending" is one message that is going across the social media platform for years together. However, never believe such messages until WhatsApp makes any official announcements.

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Update WhatsApp to Gold Version Messages is a Fraud

Recently, it was revealed that fraudsters have started circulating a message via social networks, especially on WhatsApp, where they are inviting users to update the app with the Gold version and providing a link along with the message, and promising them that they can enjoy all the new features after they update their app.

This is nothing more than a scam, and always remember that there is just one official version of WhatsApp.


WhatsApp’s Spy Apps are All Fake

There are apps that promise to let you spy on your friend or any other. This is nothing but yet another way of infecting your smartphone with malware.

With WhatsApp official app, you simply can't spy on your friends or read their messages without touching their phone. Downloading these third party apps, just harms your phone, and breaks the mobile security.


WhatsApp Ultra Light Wi-Fi

A new message is circulating among the WhatsApp users and it states that your phone is compatible with the Whatsapp Ultra Light Wi-Fi that will reduce the data costs or make it completely free for you to use the app. Undoubtedly, this is a scam.

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