Here's a trick to turn live photos into animated GIFs on iPhones

With the launch of iOS 11 Apple has made turning live photos into animated GIFs on iPhones very easy.

Written By: Nilakshi Pathak

Apple’s Live Photos allow users to merge video, image, and audio into a single file. You can share this experience with iPhone users, but it becomes super awkward to do the same with anyone who doesn’t use an Apple device. One can always convert these Live Photos into animated GIFs to share it with their friends who don’t have an iPhone.

Here's a trick to turn live photos into animated GIFs on iPhones

Previously users had to use a third-party app for converting the Live Photos into a GIF before the iOS 11 version was released. Now, iOS 11 has made the entire procedure very easy. You can switch your Live Photos into animated GIFs right within the Photos app. Isn’t that amazing? Currently, two GIF options are available on iPhone which is running on iOS 11. These are:

1. Loop

2. Bounce

The loop effect runs the GIF in a loop. The bounce effect runs the GIF through forward and then backward motion repeatedly. Apart from the above two effects, you will also see the Live and Exposure effects. The Live effect is the stand Live Photos that you know about already. The Long Exposure effect merges the entire Live Photo in a still photo that appears to have been clicked by using slow shutter speed. You can go for any of the four options. However, it is only the Loop and the Bounce effect that will convert your Live Photo into GIFs.

We will be dealing with both the options that are available to us for converting your Live Photos into a GIF.

How to turn Live Photos into Animated GIFs?

Converting your Live Photos into GIFs is easy. Follow the steps given below to gift yourself a new GIF.

Step 1: Capture a Live Photo or select a previous Live Photo available in your gallery. Open the image in the Photos app.

Step 2: Swipe up to see the effects option that you have. You will be able to see both the Loop effect and Bounce effect there.

Step 3: Tap on each of the effects to see what’s work best for you. Once you have the chosen the effect that you want, select it.

Voila! Now you have an animated GIF, which you have successfully converted from the Live Photo. You can now share this GIF with your friends who don’t own an iPhone device.

Wrap Up

You will be able to see the newly created GIF in the Animated Album of your Camera Roll. If you want to create a Live Photo from the GIF, all you need to do is reverse the entire process.

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