How to access Blocked Websites from anywhere

In the past few years, Internet censorship has grown widely in some countries and a lot of services, on the other hand, have restricted access to specific countries. In some places, network administrators also prevent users from accessing certain websites which they believe are of no use in places such as schools, colleges, and offices.

How to access Blocked Websites from anywhere

The most commonly blocked websites include social media, pop culture, health, medicine, religion, and politics. Today, we have jotted down the list of ways you can use to regain access to the blocked website you wish to visit.


Most search engines maintain a cache of web pages indexed by them. Instead of visiting the website, you can access a cached copy of the same web page from Google's or any other search results.


Sometimes, your ISP can block the access to the sites you are looking for. In this case, you can reconfigure the DNS server. In fact, the DNS servers resolve the IP address for a particular request. Moreover, some DNS has the ability to route some of your requested data packets through servers within the restricted locations.

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Proxy servers

Since there are many proxy websites available on the net, it opens blocked websites on their servers and present the data. The proxies can also keep cached copies of web resources, which lets you access websites faster.


VPN or Virtual Private Network lets you connect to a specific network from outside. Moreover, it extends a specific private network over shared public networks as if it belonged to the same private network. It also offers anonymity than proxy websites as it also encrypts the data transferred by the blocked.

To unblock the blocked websites, just add to their URL.

IP hiding

Sometimes, websites block users on a particular IP address from visiting themselves. In these cases, you can use free IP hiding software to visit them.



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