How to clean your digital camera

Cleaning a camera can be more complicated and dreaded one for photographers. Every time, we change lens in our camera, we are exposing it to dust and other contamination.

How to clean your digital camera

However, it is important to protect the inside of your camera, otherwise, sensor dust will show up in your images as blurry spots. Today, we have compiled a list of on how to clean your digital camera easily.

Use auto clean function

These many DSLR cameras have the function for automatically cleaning the sensor. When you do this, the camera gives the sensor a micro-vibrations that shake the dust-out. If you don't have this feature, there are many methods as well.

Before cleaning manually, make sure you have

  • Cleaning swabs that are lint free and made for your specific sensor.
  • Camera sensor cleaning solution.
  • Air blower

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How to clean your sensor?

Step 1: Check out the option to manually clean your camera
Step 2: Once you select this mode, you will hear the mirror lock back and reveal the sensor.
Step 3: Hold the camera upside down, use the manual air blower to blow air into the camera. Make sure you don't touch the sensor with blower's tip.
Step 4: Once done, turn off the camera and replace the lens.

How to wet clean sensor?

Step 1: Select the manual cleaning option and lock up the mirror.
Step 2: With air blower, blow air few times to remove the speck of dust on the top.
Step 3: Now Add two drop of the solution to the tip of the swab.
Step 4: Carefully, place the swab on one side of the sensor and gently move the swab across the sensor and repeat the same process from the other side as well.
Step 5: Now replace the lens and take test shots. If you see some dust still, you need to repeat the process with a new swab, not the old one.

If it is digital point and shoot camera, you can use Paper towel, or any soft cloth to clean it. Compared to DSLR, cleaning digital cameras are so easy.

All you need is a right material to wipe the dust without making any scratch on the lens or LCD screen.

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