How to Convert Your Reliance Welcome Offer to Jio 4G Preview Offer [7 Easy Steps]

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When Reliance Jio launched the service to the general public, people all over the country were shredded into joy and at the same time, the telecom major announced that they will change the trial period to 'Welcome Offer' from the so-called 'Preview Offer'.

How to Downgrade to Reliance Jio Preview Offer from Welcome Offer

It is worth noticing that welcome offer comes with some notable changes when compared to preview offer. You can check all the difference by visiting here. One of the major change was the daily data cap.

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Yes, the welcome offer has a daily data cap of 4GB, which is decent enough, but not for many. And, the speed will be reduced to 128kbps, if you exceed the data limit.

Today, we at GIZBOT, explains you a new trick, with which you can revert back to preview offer from the welcome offer. Let's get started.

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How to Downgrade to Reliance Jio Preview Offer from Welcome Offer

Step 1: Uninstall 'MyJio' App

In the first step, you need to uninstall the 'MyJio' app from your smartphone. Also, make sure that the auto update setting in the Google Play Store is turned off.

Step 2: Download 'MyJio' App Version 3.2.05

In the next step, you need to download 'MyJio' App with version number 3.2.05. To simplify your work, we have added the download link over here. Download the app by clicking this here.

How to Downgrade to Reliance Jio Preview Offer from Welcome Offer

Step 3: Install the App Again

Now, install the downloaded APK. Make sure that you're installing the downloaded APK itself.

Step 4: Turn off Your Data and Wi-Fi

After installing the app again, just disable your internet connectivity in your smartphone and open the app. Now, wait for the 'Get Jio SIM' banner to appear on the home screen slider and click on it when appeared.

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Step 5: Turn on Your Data

After receiving the 'Get Jio SIM' banner, just turn on your internet connection and hit the 'Get Jio SIM' button again. Now, it will open a popup showing that your barcode is redeemed. Just hit the close mark on the top of the button.

Step 6: You're Back to Preview Offer

After closing that screen, you can see that your Jio 4G SIM card is reverted back to 'Preview Offer'.

Step 7: Do not Update Your MyJio App

After this procedure, make sure that you do not update the MyJio app. Updating your MyJio app will lead you to welcome offer again.

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