How to enable live notifications on Facebook and Instagram

Never miss a live notification from Facebook and Instagram ever again.

By: Vishnu Sasidharan

The steady advancement and integration of social media into our culture has modified the landscape of the social meet-and-greet. The Live feature on Facebook and the one on Instagram are not exactly twins of each other but they have quirks that are quite unique to each one.

How to enable live notifications on Facebook and Instagram

Live videos from profiles you follow on Facebook or Instagram is an experience even users who only go online occasionally will have come across at least once. Who in their right mind would like to miss out on a chance to interact in real time with their favorite celeb? Or lose the chance to be privy to offers exclusive to live viewers of announcements or updates?

Read on and you won't miss a single video ever again as we detail how you can receive updates in real time when profiles you follow start going live on Facebook and Instagram.

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Facebook Live Notifications

1) Log in to your Facebook account.

2) Visit that Facebook page that always has the right content.

3) Hovering over the button marked Following lets you to access a drop-down list.

4) Scroll down to Notifications.

5) Tap on the edit button next to Notifications.

6) In order to get notified of live videos, select ‘All Live Posts.'

If you wish to follow only specific profiles and are not looking forward to being bombarded with notifications every time someone goes live, there are options available for you as well.

Other options

  • Live notifications can be disabled by visiting the Live Notifications tab and deselecting ‘All Live Posts.'
  • It is also possible to limit notifications to three per day for any particular page. You will be able to receive notifications only for select live videos.

Instagram Live Notifications

Instagram live notifications are turned on by default. The drawback is that this cannot be done subjectively on a case-to-case basis.

The Live Notifications can be turned on for all accounts or it can be turned off.

1) Log in to your Instagram account.

2) Visit your profile on Instagram.

3) Go to app settings.

4) Scroll down and tap on the Push Notification Settings.

5) The "Off" or "On" button can be selected under Live Videos by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the screen.

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