How to make your Android phone look like an iPhone

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If we say Android and iOS are two of the most common operating systems in the world, that would be stating the obvious. But guess what, it is the inevitable truth, for now, at least.   

How to make your Android phone look like an iPhone

Let’s ignore iOS for a moment and talk about the most used operating system, the Android.

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Android is many things: easy to use, clean in some phones, cluttered in some, beautiful in some, ugly in some, and above all, customizable. Oh wait, customizable: that rings a bell, doesn’t it? Probably, it’s one of the most common words thrown away with Android. 

And mind you, people were not kidding when they said Android was customizable. In fact, it is so customizable, that you can give it whatever the look you want to. 

Windows? Yes! 

Ubuntu? Yes!

iOS? Yes! 

You read that right! You can make your Android phone look like an iPhone. How? 

Simple, you just have to install a few apps and you are good to go. Here’s the list of apps that you’ll have to install:

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Lock Screen iOS 10

As the name itself suggests, this app helps you get an iOS-like lock screen. All you have to do is install the app, open it, and turn on the “Enable lock screen.” You can also play around with other settings in the app to customize your phone the way you like it.

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xOS launcher

Home screen, well, the name itself says it all. It is one of the most crucial aspects of any phone. And xOS launcher caters exactly to that need. Install the app and you are good to go. 

Apple Keyboard

One of the many things most of the iPhone users like is the iOS keyboard. So, in case you are wondering if you can get the iPhone-like keyboard. Yes, you can. Just install the Apple Keyboard app and select it as the default keyboard from Settings. 

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Setting an iOS-like wallpaper is the finishing touch to make your Android phone look like an iPhone. Google the specific wallpapers you are interested in and set them as the default wallpaper. Voila! 

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