How to open Chrome bookmarks using keyboard shortcuts

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Notice the space under Chrome’s address bar. If you see a few website links, maybe you don’t mind using your mouse to click away when needed. However, in case the list surpasses the bar, it becomes cumbersome to keep using the mouse. Especially if you have to sift through it.

How to open Chrome bookmarks using keyboard shortcuts

You’re probably used to navigating the many tabs in Chrome using the shortcut keys Ctrl+Tab. If you’re looking to save time, or if your mouse is dysfunctional, or even if you simply can’t find it, read on to know how you can work your way around Chrome using the keyboard.

Press Ctrl+Shift+O. This will open the Bookmarks Manager. If you have a short list, you can move around this smoothly enough using shortcuts. Once the list of bookmarks appears, press Tab. Bookmarks Bar gets selected. By pressing Tab again, the list on the right gets active and now use the keys to visit the website of your liking. Hit Enter to open.

If you have a short list, you can use F6. This key toggles between Chrome’s Omnibox, Bookmarks bar, and the site. Once the bar is active, use Tab again to move to the site you want and hit Enter. You can check out these nifty keyboard shortcuts related to bookmarks -

Ctrl+D: Bookmark the current site.

Ctrl+Shift+B: To bring into view the Bookmarks bar or to make it disappear.

Ctrl+Shift+O: Opens the bookmarks manager.

F6: Moves between the address bar, the bookmarks bar, and the website.

You can create web shortcuts on your desktop. If you don’t mind clutter, your bookmarks can be placed on your desktop. There are two ways to carry this out. You can press Ctrl+S, which saves a copy, and then search the location to save it. To access it from the desktop, use arrow keys. To view, Enter performs the double click.

Or, you can use your mouse to drag and drop the icon that rests next to the webpage’s address. It’s either an image, an 'i’ inscribed inside a circle, or a text that reads 'Secure’, with a lock beside it. This automatically creates a shortcut on your desktop.

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To improve upon this, you can right-click on it and open the Properties window. Click on the Web Document tab and you’ll find an option called Shortcut key. In the field adjacent to it, enter the shortcut keys you’d want in order to open the webpage. Remember that it needs a combination involving Ctrl, Alt, and Shift. For example: Ctrl+Alt+M, Ctrl+Shift+K,Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C.

Additionally, you can find several add-ons or extensions to Chrome through which you can better organize your bookmarks.

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