7 Easy Steps to Schedule Emails on Your Mac

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Being a Mac user, you might have always regretted the lack of the scheduler in the Apple's Mail app by default. This does not mean that you cannot always prepare the messages earlier and send them whenever you need them.

7 Easy Steps to Schedule Emails on Your Mac

Scheduling emails will help in managing the expectations of how one is going to know the best time to actually reach you. You might have something that is very important and you might want to read it a few times before sending it. When the recipient is away for a few days and you might be obsessed with work at that time.

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Well, when it comes to scheduling emails on your Mac, there are two ways to do that. You can do it with the software that you have or buy a cheap paid tool that can make it possible. But, here we have come up with the free way to schedule emails on your Mac.

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7 Easy Steps to Schedule Emails on Your Mac

Schedule emails using Automator

Automator might be the most neglected program in Mac. It can be found in the Utilities folder or you can search for it with Spotlight. This tool lets you record the workflows and also automate the tasks thereby saving your effort and time. The Automator can schedule emails by creating an application to send your message and schedule the same to run.

Follow the steps to schedule an email using Automator.

Step 1: Open Automator and choose Application when it is prompted.

7 Easy Steps to Schedule Emails on Your Mac

Step 2: Under Actions, choose Mail and click and drag the option New Mail Message to the right panel.
Step 3: Enter the recipient and the content. You can add multiple emails by adding them using this action.

7 Easy Steps to Schedule Emails on Your Mac

Step 4: Click and drag the option stating Send Outgoing Mail into the workflow, but make sure it at the bottom.
Step 5: Go to Flie → Save and ensure that you have saved Application before saving.

7 Easy Steps to Schedule Emails on Your Mac

Step 6: Open the Calendar and go to the date you like to send the message and create an event.

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Step 7: Double click on the event and click on the date. Then, you need to activate the Alert drop-down menu and select Custom. A box will open and click Open file on it and point at the Automator application that you created. Then, tweak the timing that you like to send the mail at and click Ok.

7 Easy Steps to Schedule Emails on Your Mac

This is how you can schedule emails using the Automator tool on your Mac. However, keep in mind that the Mac should be awake at the time that you have set it to schedule the email.

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