How to Stop Auto-Playing YouTube Videos and Ads on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Others

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We all are aware of those irritating videos that start playing automatically as soon as we open any website on the browser.

Stop Auto-Playing YouTube Videos and Ads on Chrome, Opera, Firefox

You keep on clicking on the option to stop seeing the ad for disabling the video, but there could be no use. It comes back again on your screen. Well, there is nothing which has no solution.

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Here at GIZBOT we have brought you the way to permanently stop seeing these video adverts for Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer.

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Stop auto-playing youtube videos on Opera

To stop playing the YouTube videos automatically on Opera, go to Preferences> Advanced> Content> and select 'Enable Plug-ins only on demand' >click Ok.

Also there's an extension for Opera.You can also add an extension in your Opera browser to bar the YouTube videos from auto-playing. Just download 'Click to play'. It works automatically.

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Stop auto-playing Youtube videos on Chrome

The process of stopping auto-playing Youtube videos on Chrome is same as stopping other videos in the browser. But there is one extension you can use to achieve your browsing piece. Just add  Stop Autoplay For Youtube extension on your browser.

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You can do it with an extension for Firefox

You can download Tubestop and install it on your system. Once the installation is done, no youtube videos will be played on your browser without your permission.

Stop auto-playing Ads on Chrome

You might not be aware of the simplest trick to disable the video adverts on Chrome. You just need to type chrome://chrome/settings/content on your URL bar. You have to find the plug-in section in the dialog box that appears and choose Let me 'choose when to run plugin content'. That's all you need to do for Chrome.

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Disable auto-playing Ads on Firefox

Disabling auto-playing media on Firefox is a bit different than Chrome. You can stop the Flash content by typing 'about:config' into the URL bar. Then, accept the warning that appears and enter 'plugins.click_to_play' into the search box and toggle the settings.

How to stop auto-playing videos on the Internet Explorer

Barring auto-playing ads on the Internet Explorer is the easiest among these three browsers. Simply go to Tools> Safety> then click on the ActiveX Filtering option. Once you see the tick beside the option, you can be sure that the filter is now on.

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