How to Delete Everything On Your iPhone in 6 Simple Steps

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Your mobile contains a number of valuable data which your never want to lose. Nowadays, thanks to the Cloud backup services, the chances of losing data like contacts, photos, notes, calendars have become minimal. But do you know that these data which you care so much about, can be mishandled against you if it lands up with the wrong person? Fortunately most users do know that, but how many of take measures to prevent them in the first place.

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Apparently one of the easiest yet vital ways of preventing your data to be used for wrong purposes is to reset your phone before you trade it off or simply throw it away. Well, the same applies for those rare occasions when your phone has been stolen from your pocket in that crowded bus. Here are 6 easy steps which you must follow in any of these aforementioned situations, just in case you happen to use an iPhone!

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Your data is too precious


Before you proceed with the Resetting stuffs, it's always recommended to backup your phone either on your computer via iTunes or on the iCloud. In case you are unaware your iPhone automatically syncs all your data including contacts, calendar, notes, photos and apps to the iCloud. Thus you can always make sure if your iPhone has been up recently by visiting Settings > iCloud > Backup.

Don’t Forget to Sign Out


Signing out from the iCloud is vital step which many of you miss out while resetting your iPhone. In case you are using the all new iOS 9 then scroll to the bottom of the Settings and tap on Sign Out. iOS 7 users, however have to tap on the Delete Account option at the bottom for doing the same.

Enter Passcode and Sign Out Again


On hitting Delete Account option you will be asked for your Passcode. Once you have typed that in, you would be required to hit the Sign Out option again.

Turn Off iMessage


Then go to the Settings > Messages and disable iMessage. This is rather useful for those who are planning to sell of their Apple device and shift to an Android or Windows smartphone.

Reset Factory Settings


Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. User having Find My Device facility turned on would be required to type in their Apple ID before the system proceed with Factory Rest.

Clean Up Everything Remotely


Just in case you have sold off your iPhone already and forgot to follow all these above steps, need not worry. You can always head over to here and sign in to your iCloud account.

From there erase your data by simply clicking Erase followed by ‘Remove From Account'. This method is also applicable for users who want to delete their data from their lost iPhone.

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