How to protect your Twitter account against app hacks

Protect Your Twitter Account From Malicious Threat

    Lately, Twitter has been a hotspot for all the actions including abuse, spam, and spreading malware. We've seen lots of examples of celebrities Twitter account being hacked by an anonymous group somewhere in the world.

    How to protect your Twitter account against app hacks

    Having said that, each and every data from our accounts including the tweets, passwords needs to be protected from the prying eyes. The most common way of hacking happens through a click on a stray link that happens to be in your DM or Direct Message that contains a malware link.

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    But, the good thing is that you can prevent your account from getting hacked by following these steps.

    Change your password once every month

    First is first! Change your password often. What do I mean to say here is that keep changing your password once a week or month. It will protect your account more likely. Also, try using an Alpha-numerical password more than 10 words at least instead of easy ones like '123456' and 'abcdef'.

    Choose an alpha-numerical password that will be difficult for the hackers to guess. In this case, you can check out a list of banned passwords as well from the Internet to have an idea about it.

    Click links with caution

    Are you sure about the link you about to click? Spamming link is one of the most common ways to compromise a social account. When you click on those links unknowingly and give in your login details -- Congratulation, you just gave your credentials to the spammers. This process is popularly known as Phishing.

    Avoid Third-Party Integration

    These days, most of us log into websites or apps that we just installed through our Facebook ID or Twitter ID. By doing this, you are giving the app or website permission to access your personal information making your side more vulnerable to hacking and stuff.

    While it is tough to make out who is genuine and who is not, it's better to avoid any kind of integration to third-party apps.

    Add your phone number on Twitter

    Apart from text passwords, the company offers extra protection for your account by integrating your mobile number. In order to register your phone number, Tap on Settings and Privacy -> Account -> Phone Number.

    Once you enter your phone number, you will get a confirmation SMS from Twitter asking you enter OTP for registration.


    Always follow people you know

    This is the most important steps you need to execute. Always follow the people and celebrities that you know or verified. There are lots of chances of you getting spam links from unknown accounts asking you to fill the form or help in one or other manner. So be cautious of these people.

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