Top 5 YouTube Channels for movie lovers

Do check out these 5 channels on Youtube that will crack you up with laughter for sure.

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As the summer holiday is around the corner, don't waste your parent's or your hard earned money on movies that doesn't deserve watching in theaters.

Top 5 YouTube Channels for movie lovers

While you get lots of time, make sure you spend it on something worthy that is either educational or soul satisfying. In case if you are searching for any of those things, we assure you that we got your back. In today's article, we have compiled a list of 5 Youtube Channels you should subscribe or follow if you are an avid movie lover.

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If you are in that category, who loves to point out mistakes in a film, trust me, you and CinemaSins go hand in hand. It's because that what they do. This channel is known for 'Everything Wrong with' director, script, plots and much more.

It's actually good where they make a video with a blend of some serious critique talks and funny dialogues as well. Do check out this for sure.


Are you noticing 'Honest trailer' videos in your Facebook feeds recently? Well, if yes these guys are popular at it. This channel uploads Honest trailer that intentionally points out the flaws of the movie in a sarcastic way.

Apart from this they also upload videos on film discussion, movie fights, and other contents as well.

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How it should have ended

Many times we walked out of the theater with disappointment just because we didn't like the movie ending. In that case, to cheer you up, these guys from "How it should have ended" have a perfect answer.

This channel posts an anime video of a movie with an alternative ending in a goofy, funny way that will crack you up for sure. Also, you will find out other videos including behind the scenes, movie review and hero swap videos as well.

Movie mistakes

If you have a critical eye towards the movie, then we bet you will enjoy this channel on Youtube. This channel post video on film errors and other silly mistakes done by the director or someone from crew itself.


This channel exists because awful movie exists too. If you want to have a good time by watching some awful movie in a funny way, then this channel is your buddy. They talk about the awful movie on why it is so bad and also give you a synopsis of the video in a good way so that you don't need to spend time on it.

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