Make shopping easier with these 7 Flipkart shopping tricks!

Most of us might have used Flipkart, India's largest shopping portal, at least once to order a smartphone, accessory or even an apparel item. Irrespective of the fact whether you had the experience on the website or mobile app, there are definitely some things that you like and don't like about the portal.

Here are the top 8 tips and tricks to make your experience with Flipkart easier and smoother when you shop with them next!

Deals of the Day

Make shopping easier with these 7 Flipkart shopping tricks!

An exclusive feature from Flipkart, Deals of the Day is a shopping tab that can be viewed on their home page on the website as well as on the mobile app. This tab has special deals on common products, deals which last for only 24 hours. This list of discounted products is updated daily and consists of items ranging across multiple categories. The Deals of the Day tab was removed from the computer website earlier but has made a comeback since.

Flipkart Lite

Make shopping easier with these 7 Flipkart shopping tricks!

Last year - in a controversial move - Flipkart closed down their mobile website and moved to an app-only ecosystem, when it comes to smartphones. Part of their ultimate idea of going app-only for all platforms, the weird idea was highly criticized for the next few months. Flipkart finally gave in to the reactions from their customers, and recently re-launched their mobile website, albeit in a web app version. This tie-up with Google involved the access of Flipkart's mobile website on the Google Chrome mobile browser, provided you already have a Lite version of the web app installed on your phone. For encouraging users to download the web app, Flipkart even offered features like offline browsing to enable them to check out products even without Internet connectivity.

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Social logins

Once you have selected and shortlisted the products that you want to purchase on Flipkart, next step is placing an order for the same. If you have been a frequent customer, the best option would be to make an account and save details for later use. The easiest way to login into their user database is through your social media accounts. Just click on Register and choose from Google+ and Facebook to integrate your account of choice. Flipkart will now detect your personal information from the account and instantly take you to the Checkout page.

Flipkart Ping

Make shopping easier with these 7 Flipkart shopping tricks!

As discussed above, Flipkart has been putting a lot of its focus on shifting towards an app-only environment and has since brought about major changes to its mobile app - available for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry OS. One of the biggest introductions has been Flipkart Ping. Accessible from the right tab in the mobile app by default, Ping is an in-app messaging service that lets you send messages and product links to your friends and colleagues in an efficient manner. It aims at eliminating the need of using separate apps to convey the message to other potential buyers. Do note that you can only send your recommendations to other registered Flipkart users.

Return or replace

Being one of India's first shopping marketplaces to offer easy returns for your orders, Flipkart has an almost hassle-free policy when it comes to returning your orders in cases of defective or faulty product delivery. Just head on to the Orders tab and select the order number that you wish to return products from. Now click on Return, just below the product description. From here, you can choose from options of 'Getting a new piece' or 'Getting your money back' or, in simpler terms, Replace and Refund, respectively. Do note that Refund will only be applicable in case the product is now out of stock for the same seller.

Review your purchases

Flipkart, being an open online marketplace, runs on a crowd-sourced platform and accepts genuine reviews from users who purchase products from Flipkart's registered sellers. After you have placed the order and received the product/s, you can head onto that specific order in the Orders menu. From there, select the Review Product option that is placed underneath the certain product. This takes you to a page wherein you can select the rating you want to give (1 to 5) and write a complete review with a title and body content.

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24x7 customer care service

Another one of Flipkart's marquee features is of complete 24x7 customer care service related to all aspects of their shopping marketplace. You can access their help section by clicking the 24x7 Customer Care tab, located in the topmost bar present on all pages of the website. After clicking it, you will get the following options to choose your query from:

  • Order
  • Cancellations and Returns
  • Payment
  • Shopping
  • Wallet &
  • Others

These options cover almost all the problems, complaints and grievances that customers have, thus leading to an improved lasting impression.


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