How to Clean Your Laptop's Keyboard: 6 Simple Tricks

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Do you clean your keyboard regularly? You might be wondering the necessity of cleaning your keyboard at regular intervals, but you need to understand it is important.

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How to Clean Your Laptop's Keyboard: 6 Simple Tricks

Whether you are a person who snacks in front of the computer or laptop spilling the crumbs everywhere or a neat person who never dirties the keyboard, dirt gets in there somehow.

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Cleaning the keyboard becomes a necessity as the same can become dirty after extended periods of use. If you don't clean the keyboard and it gets too dirty, its performance will be affected. You will experience many issues in typing.

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Take a look at the steps given below to know how you can clean your keyboard keys and make it long lasting without affecting its performance. The best thing is that you can clean your keyboard using the stuff that are available at your home.

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Precautions to take before cleaning

You need to first shut down the computer and detach the keyboard from the processing unit before cleaning. Do not remove the connector of the keyboard when the computer is running as it can be harmful to the keyboard if it is not a USB type one.

Do a quick clean

You can clean the keyboard quickly by turning it upside down and using a can of compressed air to blow the foreign matter, if any. You need to turn the keyboard upside down and tap it a few times. You can see tiny dirt particles falling out from it. You can change the angle or tap harder to make the cleaning effective.

A cotton swab can be useful

You can make use of a cotton swab to clean the keys of the keyboard. Well, dip the cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and gently rub the key tops. Make sure not to drip the alcohol inside the keyboard. Also, never spray the cleaner on the keyboard directly.

Special cleaning putty

The special cleaning putty is available cheaply in stores You can place it on the keys and it will form the shape and seek through the cracks. Make sure you pull it carefully so that it doesn't break the keys. Then, wash off the dirt particles.

Here's a thorough way to clean

Remove all the keys of the keyboard for a thorough cleaning. Gently remove each key using a small screwdriver or any other lever. After removing the keys, blow out the debris with compress air. Use a moist cloth that is not too wet to swab all the surfaces of the keyboard. Make sure no fluid enters the keyboard.

Use sticky notes

Stick notes works surprisingly well to remove dust on keyboard surface. The gum strip gets all the dirt and pulls off the dirt between keys.

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