What is a FAT File and how to open one

FA a.k.a File Allocation Table is a computer file system architecture and offers a good performance even in lightweight implementations, however, the same cannot be expected when compared to some modern file systems.

What is a FAT File and how to open one

To be precise, a FAT file is just a theme file used by Zinf, that contains a collection of images and settings files stored in a Zip format. FAT files are renamed.ZIP files as well. When extracted it changes the layout/skin of the audio player. Moreover, the Zinf stands for \'Zinf Is Not Free\' since it was based on the FreeAmp audio player.

How to open?

As mentioned above, Zinf is used to open a FAT file. In order to do this head on to Options -> Themes -> Add Theme, look out for the FAT file you want to add, select that theme, and then choose the Apply.

What is a FAT File and how to open one

In addition to it, you can just rename the .fat to .zip and open it. But doing this way shows you the XML file and images that it has, however, the whole theme cannot be applied through this method. Another way to open the .fat file is by installing file extractor like 7-Zip and then right-click the FAT file and choose to open it with the file decompressor.

How to convert?

Converting the .fat file to some other format gives you nothing, as the Zinf Audio Player Theme file needs to be there with FAT file for Zinf to properly open the file and apply the theme.

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