How to Check WhatsApp and Facebook Messages Secretly

    The use of social networking and instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp has made it quite simple and easy to communicate with people. It is also easy to get to know who is ignoring you and your messages and when.

    How to Check WhatsApp and Facebook Messages Secretly

    Well, the read receipts are the ones that help you get to know the same. Read receipts are little notifications that tell you when the person on the other side has read the message. The downside is people who send messages to you can get to know when you are ignoring them.

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    Actually, it is not possible to hide when you have read someone's message and ignore to reply to it. But, there are tricks that let you do the same and some of them are detailed below.

    How to Check WhatsApp and Facebook Messages Secretly

    Use the notification screen

    Both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger display notifications rather than waiting for you to get to know the messages after opening them. So, the new messages pop up on your device instantly whether you check it or not.

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    Apart from getting notified, it is also possible to read the message without opening the app that will send a read receipt to the sender. Well, use your notification screen for the purpose.

    How to Check WhatsApp and Facebook Messages Secretly

    This is not possible always. When there are multiple messages, it is not feasible to read the message from the notification screen without opening the application. In such situations, you need to act as a geek.

    How to Check WhatsApp and Facebook Messages Secretly

    Airplane Mode need not be used only while flying

    To read the messages without triggering the read receipts, you need to use the Airplane Mode function on your phone. Well, the messages are already in the app and all you need to do is check them without the app's knowledge.

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    You need to enable Airplane Mode as it will kill the internet connection on your device temporarily. Then, you can check the messages freely without any concerns about the read receipts. This trick works well in both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

    How to Check WhatsApp and Facebook Messages Secretly

    With this trick, you can see everything that the sender has written and he or she will not know it. The read receipt will not appear on their screen even after the Airplane Mode is disabled and your device is connected to the internet.

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