Follow These 10 Tips For Awesome Low Light Photography

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Most of the time we don't get the expected result, when it comes to low light photography! Agreed? There are two main reasons! First, all of us are not a pro photographers especially in low light and second is the smartphones can't take good photos in low light conditions because their cameras feature small sensors

Follow These 10 Tips For Awesome Low Light Photography

So what is the secret to take a good low light photography? How is it done? What are all the factors we should consider taking the best photo with our smartphone? Have a look below at the sliders.

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Correct exposure

Tip #1

Before clicking a picture, make sure you focus the subject without any shake for at least 3 to 4 seconds. So that, the camera can set the focus properly. Moreover, you can use the exposure tools to enhanced the image manually.

Always prefer manual mode

Tip #2

If you want to make the most out of the image, always opt for manual mode. This option allows the users to set the appropriate settings in terms of ISO and shutter speed.

Don't get shaky

Tip #3

Before clicking your subject, always lean onto the support, so that you don't get shaky. In this case you can buy a small smartphone tripod to get stabilized surface.

Take care of White Balance and the picture takes care of itself

Tip #4

Good white balance can be a game changer in low light photography. If you don't use the correct white balance setting on your mobile camera, you may get a picture with colors different from the actual ones

Go toward the light

Tip #5

Good amount of light can make your subject even attractive! Also, keep in mind where the source of lighting is coming from. Also avoid back light when taking pictures of the subject unless you want the silhouette effect.

Use your flash seldom

Tip #6

While we are on the subject of low light photography, avoid using flash! Yes, don't use flash as it might be harsh on the subject. Instead, try increasing your camera's exposure and ISO levels.

Keep your resolution high

Tip #7

The higher the resolution, the better the quality of your photo. If you are in such thoughts of zooming the subject, then you are making a terrible mistake. Rather, go close to the subject as possible, where you will get better quality images than zoomed in.

Use photo editing apps

Tip #8

There are few chances, that might go out of control during clicking pictures. In that case, photo editing apps comes in handy to enhance the picture quality after the photos are taken.

Try to use HDR mode

Tip #9

Nowadays, most of the smartphones comes with HDR mode, which will take three shots at three different exposure settings when you press the shutter, then combine them to get the best level of detail in each area of the shot.

Right app can get you better photos

Tip #10

As you can't control the shutter speed on some smartphones, there have been several apps developed to simulate this effect for both iOS and Android platform. Talking about iOS you can use Slow Shutter Cam or Average Camera Pro and for Android, Camera FV-5 Lite or Night Camera are great options.

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