10 Surprising Facts About Google Deepmind That You Should Know!

    Google Deepmind is based on Artificial Intelligence, which was started as an AI project and is now powered by Google in order to turbo-charge its mission.

    Google Deepmind defeated Go Player Lee Sedol. Lee Sedol is a legendary South Korean Go Game Player. The Go Game is a board game based on intuition that is often compared with AI. It is closely linked to Artificial Intelligence.

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    The Game of Go is considered to be a human game and Google's Deepmind AI has defeated one of the best players of this Game - the legendary Lee Sedol. The first of five matches between DeepMind computer program AlphaGo and Lee Sedol takes place today.

    Google Deepmind is a promising research-based project when it comes to AI. Let us look at 10 interesting things to know about Google Deepmind


    The idea for Google Deepmind was conceived at Oxford University in 2011


    Google Deepmind Mind wants to "Solve" intelligence and uses AI.


    Google Deepmind was founded by Mustafa Suleyman, Shane Legg and Demis Hassabisin London, 2010.


    Google DeepMind is a British Artificial Intelligence company founded in 2010 as DeepMind Technologies.It was acquired by Google and remains Google's largest acquisition in Europe.


    Google Deepmind runs a software program called Alpha Go.


    The company also launched DeepMind Health.The goal of the project is work in partnership with NHS nurses and doctors to build and scale technologies that help them provide the best possible patient care.


    DeepMind was supported by some of the most iconic tech entrepreneurs and investors of the past decade, prior to being acquired by Google in early 2014 in their largest European acquisition to date.


    Deepmind feels that AI is demonized by popular media and in several movies where AI is shown to be misused.


    Till there are no governing laws over AI. With Deepmind, Google is creating an Ethics board.


    Google Deepmind comes very close to human thinking and has defeated one of the most admired Go Game players of the world. Experts had previously thought that this would take a lot more time, maybe a decade, but Google Deepmind has done it rather in a very short span of time.


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