10 Celebrity Hacks That Changed Cybersecurity And The Internet

    Celebs are a powerful influence and that draws true even for the cyber world. Celebrity cyber hacks that have bothered large tech companies - creating a difficult situation as well. When something went wrong with their smartphones, email addresses or computers of celebrities - it changed everything.

    10 Celebrity Hacks That Changed Cybersecurity And The Internet

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    Let's look at 10 incidents involving technology and celebrities that changed the tech world


    Paris Hilton was one of the first celebrities to be victims of celebrity hacks. Paris Hilton owned a device called Sidekick from T-Mobile way back in 2005.

    A teenage hacker got hand of the passwords and gained access to her account. The result - all of Paris Hilton's personal files and details were all over the internet.

    Personal images hacked

    This was the time that celeb stalking take to new heights - with e-mail hacking. A hacker stole pictures of TV actor and singer, Miley Cyrus, that had her in compromising positions and posted these pictures to her MySpace account. The hacker was arrested and tried in court.

    Yahoo account

    Sarah Palin was Republican Vice Presidential candidate for U.S. during the 2008 elections. Sarah Palin's Yahoo mail account was hacked. The hacker was tried and prosecuted.

    Website Hack

    Gene Simmons is a musician, belongs to the band called Kiss. His account was hacked by anonymous group.

    The war was to attack music companies and musicians and promote music piracy.


    Ashton Kutcher's twitter account was hacked while using an open Wi-Fi when he was speaking at the TED conference.

    Following the attack, Twitter implemented the "HTTPS" for all twitter accounts for improved security and privacy of its users.

    Celebrity Phone Tapping

    Journalists of British newspaper - News of the World were involved in phone tapping of several celebrities. News of the World accessed the voice mail of several celebrities.

    Many people involved in the incident were jailed in Britain.The newspaper also faced a shutdown.

    Website Hack

    Shortly before her death in 2011, Amy Winehouse's website was hacked by a rapper group who took down her website and insulted her on her website.

    The attack brought several changes to how websites are to be run and made web hosters take such attackers more seriously.


    Candace Bushnell is the author of the Sex and the City series of books. The Author fought a battle with a particular hacker on her Twitter, email and other online accounts. The particular hacker posted an unpublished book written by her online.

    iCloud hacks

    Jennifer Lawrence was attacked by hackers who gained access to her iCloud account and posted some of her intimate pictures online. The incident brought to light if iCloud servers are really as secure as they claim to be.


    In 2014, U.S. President, Barack Obama came under a cyber attack from Russian hackers. According to security agencies, Russian hackers were able to access emails that were sent and received from the president's email account.

    In a similar incident in 2008, Chinese hackers gained access to campaign documents of Obama and Republican candidate, John McCain.

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