10 Large Internet Companies that started from a One Room Apartment!

    Some companies were started out of small rooms, garages and one room apartments. These companies later went on to become some of the most admired and respected companies. We all can throw in a couple of names like Microsoft, Apple among others. These companies defined the future and today are some of the most watched after companies of the world.

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    We look at 10 companies in both the technology and the internet space that have pretty much shaped the world today.


    Walt Disney chose his uncle's house as the place where he created Disney Characters like Mickey Mouse. He founded the Walt Disney Productions along with his Brother Roy Disney. Walt Disney company is today a very large media conglomerate.


    Dhirubhai Ambani started Reliance as a Yarn Trading company at a one Room office at South-Mumbai. Reliance Industries Limited is today one of India's largest companies that is worth to the tune of US$ 24 billion. It has also ventured into several other businesses like Retail, Media, Oil and Telecom.


    Flipkart was started by two IIT graduates Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. It was initially started off as a online book store, when e-commerce was at a very nascent stage in India. Flipkart today is one of the largest e-commerce stores of India with a valuation of close to US $ 15 Billion and a Market share of more than 60 percent.


    Michael Dell started Dell Computers out of the Dorm Room of his university. He had a working capital of $1000 with no financing options. Today, Dell is one of the largest comanies in the technology space


    Oyo Rooms was started by Ritesh Agarwal. Ritesh Agarwal, then a college dropout aged 17 was staying at several hotel rooms. The experience prompted Agarwal to come out with the idea of Oyo Rooms, hotel bookings which he then modeled on Airbnb. Ritesh got his funding from Masayoshi Son led Softbank Group. Oyo Rooms remains a promising start up that has done really well


    Reddit was started by Stanford University students - Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. The Site remains a popular for its AMA - Ask Me Anything. The company is owned by a leading Publisher, Conde Nast and has received investment from others and is today worth to the tune of $500 million.


    In 1994, Jeff Bezos was working at Wall Street quit his job to start Amazon.com when he began to see the internet revolution take place. His initial round of funding came from his parents. Amazon started off as a Online book Store and today sells practically "everything".


    Hewlett Packard was started by Dave and Lucile Packard. Dave and Lucille Packard are both husband and Wife. HP was started at the time of the World War II being spear headed by the couple. Among HP's first products was an audio oscillator. All these years later, HP remains a leader in the technology space.


    Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, worked at management consulting firm, Bain and Company before they started Food Ratings and Reviews website - Zomato. Zomato today has expanded from being just a food review website to food ordering website. Today, Zomato operates in 23 countries.


    Facebook was started by Harvard University student Mark Zukerberg and his room mates. The story of Facebook remains a little controversial as to who and how the idea of the website was conceptualized. Facebook was initially started off for meeting up with friends and for dating among Harvard university. Today it remains something people bet their money on.

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