Don't Do These 5 Mistakes While Web Browsing!

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Many of us spend hours on the internet everyday. However,However, we overlook facts sometimes that might not help you have a fulfilling experience online. We overlook these mistakes while browsing the web and thus end up sabotaging our own experience as users.

The internet is filled with a lot of things. It is likely that you will make mistakes while browsing the web. A few tweaks will help you to avoid these mistakes on your browser.

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We take a look at 5 mistakes you are likely to make while not browsing the internet.


Upgrading your Browser is half the problem solved. Browser updates exist for 2 reasons - to get new features and to fix old errors in your browser. So upgrading your browser to the latest version will fix any errors and help your make more of your browser.


Cookies are created to know about you - like the sites you visit. Use cookies wherever necessary. Some sites will use cookies and will not work if you do not accept cookies. For example Banking Sites might require Cookies.


This is something that you might think of. You feel that this will not happen with me. Its better to be on the safer side. Using strong passwords for your accounts is a good way of ensuring that you are safe on the internet


If you open too many tabs, chances are that your browser will become slow. Opening a Dozen tabs will have an impact on the speed of your Browser.


Installing a few Plugins or Extensions is alright. If you are using too many extensions and Plugins, chances are that you will face a similar problem which happens with Opening too many tabs. Uninstall unnecessary tabs and keep only those that are required.

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