5 reasons why your privacy is already compromised on the Internet

5 Reasons Your Privacy is at Threat

By Gizbot Bureau

As the technology grows, the security of our privacy is in danger as anything can be accessed from anywhere around the world with a combination of sophisticated software and hardware.

5 reasons why your privacy is already compromised on the Internet


A few years back we read in the news that the U.S. government had been spying on its own citizens as well as other countries around the world. However, on the other side, security measures are increasing day by day just to counter and protect our privacy from unknown.

Facial recognition

Just like other biometric solutions, the Facial recognition measures the unique characteristics of digital image or videos and then match them against stored templates in a database.

The Facebook has a vast collection of photos and even Google has a facial recognition system, that can give the childhood pictures of existing users, even if they have never uploaded pictures of their younger selves before. Also, the government has placed CCTV camera all over the place, watching us all time. How creepy isnt it?


Sony's PlayStations and Microsoft's Xbox comes with an extra device called as Kinect that can track your movement, listen to your voice command and more. Unfortunately, that also helps in spying on you and your datas. While both the companies denied this allegation, the Redmond giant claimed it never voluntarily turned data over to the government for their PRISM program.

Biometric Scanning

Biometric Scanning

These features are now available in our smartphone itself including Iris scanner, fingerprint scanner and more. While these features are intended to make our phone secure, it also has potential to exploit your data as well. Just like credit card data, once your biometric data is on file in a government or corporate server, it is not in your hand entirely to protect it.

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The growth of consumer drones are threat to public safety. Drones that were once created for military purpose are now used as a toy and used by ordinary random people. This increases the risk for cybersecurity attack but also the potential for greater impact too. Apart from this, the system vulnerabilities can be used by hackers to infiltrate the drone and gain access to data.


Do you remember, we give permission to access our contact and other data's in our smartphone? Not only this, some datas can listen to us through our microphones as well. One such app is the Facebook. These collects audio data from your phone including your each and every movement of yours.

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