8 Email Scams worth knowing

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    Scamming can affect us all if we are not careful. Today, we are going to talk about the scams to look out for in our email. Today, we have jotted down the list of email scams that you have to look out for.

    Lottery scam

    One of the huge amounts of scams happens around the world in the name of Lottery. In this case, you'll receive a letter saying you have won a large amount of money on an online, or overseas, lottery. Best way to avoid this is to realize that, if you did not enter the lottery, you will not win the lottery.

    Survey Scam

    This is one of the most innocent scams, you would come across. Fraudsters will send you an email expressing the interest in social issues, such as global warming or the war and you will be requested to fill in a survey with your input. But, when you click on the link to take the survey, malicious spyware or malware is installed on your computer. After this, they attackers can spy on your every move collecting passwords, bank account information, and more.

    Work from home scam

    This is common nowadays, where they promise you a large income, simply by working as a secret shopper. In this case, you need no experience or education, and you can make up to $200 to $300 a day doing just what you love. However, there is a catch here. Before doing this work, you need to pay large sum of money for getting their training. You provide the false company your address and are sent a fraudulent check in the mail as your first payment. If you come across these emails, it's time to delete it.

    Phishing Scam

    This is the scam that resembles legitimate organizations and draws you into entering your username and password so they can access your account.

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    Nigerian email scam

    These emails generally start with: "Hi Dear, Compliments to you and thanks for taking your precious time to reply to my email. I am more than happy and grateful to you. I know you will be a good and honest friend..."

    These types of scams want you to send them some money to 'release them' from whatever situation they have ended up it. This is called 419 fraud, and you can avoid it by simply deleting or ignoring it.


    Quiz Scam

    We all have been through this, where you see "Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?" quizzes, that could end up costing you a monthly charge. You will click on the link by seeing your friends profile, but you end up paying a sum of money at the month end with your bill. Try to avoid all these apps, as they are devils in disguise.

    Hidden URL Scam

    These happen very much on Twitter with TinyURL links. Before clicking on any link, check out their previous profile updates. Do they follow thousands of people, yet have few followers of their own? Clicking on their links could take you to a website where spyware or malware might be downloaded onto your computer.

    Sick baby Scam

    You have come across lots of this where, an anonymous posts a photograph of an ill baby or young child with a caption beneath it that reads, "ABCD has cancer. Click this link to donate $1 to help him and his family. Every little bit counts!" When you click on the link, your bank accounts will be cleaned if they got hold of your password and user ID. This is almost always an attempt to phish for personal information.

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