9 Warning Signs That You Are Purchasing Stolen Electronics Online

    With the advancement of technology, we all use many gadgets that have become very important in out daily lives. Eventually, we look for new gadgets that are available at discounts to save money.

    9 Warning Signs That You Are Purchasing Stolen Electronics Online

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    Sometimes, we might consider buying refurbished products instead of new ones as we can save a considerable amount on the same. While looking for the best deal, we are prone to make mistakes in the products that we purchase.

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    There are situations in which we might buy stolen electronics. In fact, many buyers have purchased stolen goods unknowingly. If you are looking forward to buying refurbished electronics and avoid the stolen ones, you can take a look at the slider below. Here are the warning signs that you are buying stolen electronics. Check out!

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    Dirt cheap price tags need your attention

    While shopping online, you might find the latest high-end smartphones, a powerful tablet or a laptop that were wanting to buy at an extremely cheap price. In that case, the device could be a stolen one. Make sure you research the gadget that you are planning to buy, be it a new or used one. If the pricing is substantially low, you shouldn't buy it.

    Scarce product details

    If there are not many details about the product, its another notable point that it could be a stolen one. You need to ask the seller for more details. Ask the seller how long the person has been using it and the reason for selling. A legitimate seller will give an idea of the device and its details. If you fell suspicious, don't buy it.

    If the item is listed as found

    If any product listing claims that the item was found, it clearly points that the seller is not legitimate. You shouldn't be tempted by any deals that say that the gadget was found whatever be the price of the device.

    The serial number might be registered as stolen

    Whenever you are interested in buying a device online, you should ask for its serial number. An honest seller will give you the serial number as the details it will divulge will not cause any harm to them. You should check the same online and get to know if the device is a stolen one or not.

    Don't buy a password locked device

    Stay away from devices that are password locked. The seller might claim that he or she will reveal the password to the winning bidder, but you need to stay cautious. If the seller is a genuine person, there are chances that they would have erased all the data and reset the password to make sure the device is no longer associated with their accounts. However, someone selling a stolen gadget will not be able to do these and they will just claim that they have forgotten the password.

    It might have a bad ESN

    The device you are planning to buy might have a bad ESN (Electronic Serial Number). A bad ESN points out that the device can't be activated by the carrier or manufacturer. It is bad as the owner has switched carriers without paying the termination fee or if the device was stolen or lost.

    There's little or no positive feedback on the seller

    If you are planning to buy a device online, check for the seller's feedback based on past transactions. If there seems to be very little or no positive feedback, you should be cautious.

    A local seller acting suspicious to meet you

    There are many valid reasons for the seller to not invite you to his or her home, but if a seller who is local acts suspicious to meet you even at any public place, you need to stay cautious.

    The seller wants you to pay via an untraceable mode

    When it comes to the payment of the purchased goods, its up to you to choose one as per your convenience. But, if the seller is demanding an untraceable payment method such as money wire or a cashier's desk and not PayPal or credit card, it's a warning sign. This will help you in getting back the money you spent by tracing the seller if you find that it is a stolen device in future.

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