BSNL BB 249: 7 Tips to Fix Frequent Disconnection Problem

BSNL is one of the leading broadband service providers in the country. It offers high speed and stabilized broadband connection.

BSNL BB 249: 7 Tips to Fix Frequent Disconnection Problem

However, a majority of the BSNL broadband customers face a few issues in their internet connection such as slow speed or frequent disconnection problems. The main reason for this is the excessive impedance in the copper cables that are used for the connection.

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The frequent disconnection of internet while browsing is the most common issue in BSNL broadband services. You might notice that the DSL or ADSL LED in the modem to be blinking and there are various reasons for the same.

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Here, we have come up with a set of tips to avoid this frequent disconnection of the internet connection. Take a look at them from here to resolve the frequent disconnection issue with your BSNL BB 249 plan.

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Avoid excess line joints

Too many joints in the line connecting the DP box and your home will cause noise that will affect the signal. So if your phone line has lots of joints that are twined together, you should request for a new phone cable from your local telephone exchange.

Best SNR is needed

The SNR (signal to noise ration) is indicates how much noise is there in your signal. The higher is the value of the SNR, the better will be the quality of the connection. You can check your SNR by visiting 168.1.1 page on your browser. The login credentials are
Username: admin
Password: admin

A stable connection should have upstream and downstream SNR above 6db. However, the recommeded value of the same is over 20db to avoid frequent disconnections of the internet.


There should be no noise in your phone line

You need to check the call quality. If you can hear a hissing sound or noise with the dial tone, you need to check your phone line.

Secure connections are needed

You need to ensure that the telephone cable connections are highly secure in the places such as your modem and at the splitter unit. Also, the telephone should be connected properly. It can cause frequent internet disconnection.



Cables to modem shouldn't be coiled

You need to ensure that the cables and connecting cords aren't coiled as such cables will have poor levels of immunity to electromagnetic interference.

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Existing joints must be rust free

The joints of the telephone line must be cut and renewed if there is noise in your telephone line. The open joints are exposed to environments and rain results in rust formation on these joints.

Check the attenuation rates

Ensure that the telephone line's attenuation rates are below 60db. Visit the page on 168.1.1 from the browser to check the same.


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